Redrock Micro EVF for HDSLR Cameras


By: Chris Marino Some very exciting news coming out of Photo Cine Expo today. Brian Valente from Redrock Micro has announced a brand new Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) for HDSLR applications. We shot this with an iPhone 4 quick and dirty to get this very exciting news to you. Stay tuned for more content on this great innovative monitoring solution.Read More

Dave Hatton Shot With Hot Rod Cameras PL 7D & Cooke S4 Primes.


Dave Hatton Tattoo Artist Shot With A PL Mount 7D With Cooke Primes. from jared abrams on Vimeo. By: Jared Abrams Illya Friedman over at Hot Rod Cameras hooked us up with a prototype Canon 7D PL Mount some time ago. We nabbed a set of Cooke S4 Primes from Birns & Sawyer, Hollywood and shot my tattoo artist Dave Hatton while he was doing his thing. It still needs color and a few...Read More

Big Machine Mnet Promo. One Badass Focus Pull.

Quick Takes

MNET Sales Presention from Steve Petersen on Vimeo. By: Jared Abrams I was lucky enough to be a part of this killer promo for a new network called Mnet. Director Steve Petersen from Big Machine did most of the work on this spot. I only shot it. There was a massive amount of Post done to this spot. We used a dimmer and 1K inside the vending machine and the Best Boy hooked up...Read More

Pebble Place Lens Database For HDSLR’s


By: Jared Abrams Pebble Place is a database of lenses that will work with digital cameras. It is a very simple way to find out if an older Contax or Leica lens is compatible with your HDSLR. I have been using it for older Contax Zeiss glass for sometime and recently have been checking out some of the Leica glass out there. I highly recommend checking the Pebble Place Database before spending any coin...Read More

Quick Take: Zacuto Z-Grip For iPhone 4 With Lan Bui


By: Jared Abrams Lan Bui of The Bui Brothers shows off the new Zacuto Z-Grip for the iPhone 4. I think the iPhone is one of the best little video cameras out there and the new Z-Grip paired with a Zacuto Z Finder is a great way to shoot the new iPhone 4. Lan broke the news here on Wide Open Camera, that he is planning a full length feature shot entirely with...Read More

Arri Alexa Vs. Canon Rebel T2i


Arri Alexa With a Cooke S4 32mm T22 160 ASA Canon Rebel T2i Zeiss ZE 50mm F11 100 ISO. By Chris Collins: Jared Abrams and I borrowed the new Arri Alexa from Birns and Sawyer , Hollywood to shoot a quick test on the same corner that we shot the Canon Rebel T2i test some months ago.  As we were literally sneaking the camera out the door, we passed the owner of the...Read More

OWLE Bubo. Interchangeable Lenses For The iPhone 4.


By: Jared Abrams The OWLE Bubo is one kick ass little piece of equipment. It is a camera mount with an attached 37mm Wide Angle/Macro lens that gives you the ability to change lenses or add filters. It takes 46mm filters but adapters will also work. It also has four 1/4-20 thread mounts for accessories. I hooked up this little video for The Photoletariat. Check out the huge difference when a polarizer is...Read More

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