Mastor Tech Moto Gimbal Stabilizer For Smart Phones and DSLR’s.


Cheesy Cam has the scoop on some killer new gimbal stabilized mounts from Mastor Tech at Photo Plus Expo 2013. The killer new tech is not available until 2014. Mastor Tech has a few versions that will work with an iPhone up to a larger DSLR like the Canon 5D MK3. The Pronghorn looks like a full blown package with focus controls and wireless monitor. No mention of pricing yet. Here is a rip...Read More

Sony Announces The A7 and A7R. New Full Frame Cameras. $2300 US


Sony announced two new mirror less interchangeable lens cameras today. The A7 and A7R. The A7R looks to be the badass of the two with a FF sensor and 36MP stills. The video side looks strong with 2K for both 24P and 60P on the A7R. It not too expensive at around $2300 US. Here are the specifications. Click here to check it out.   Product Specifications   Software Operating System Compatibility : Image...Read More

Three Axis Gyro Stabilizer. EasyGimbal For The GoPro Hero 3.


Check out this killer three axis gyro stabilized handheld rig for the Hero 3. The EasyGimbal is a Kickstarter project that has already reached their goal of $40K. However you can still get in at the intro price. It’s not cheap at around six hundred smackers but if hand held GoPro is your bag, than this is a must have. Here is a rip from the Kickstarter page. Click here to check it out....Read More

GoPro Hero 3+ And Hero 3 Black Side By Side Comparison.


Here is a quick side by side comparison of the new GoPro Hero3+ and GoPro Hero3 Black edition cameras. The Hero 3 Plus is identical in almost every way shape and size to the Hero 3 Black. It’s more like a glorified Firmware update than new camera release. The new underwater housing is smaller, thinner and will dive deeper. Sounds sexy, however the new trap door looks a little sketchy. The buttons are much...Read More

The Freefly MoVi M10


Its was a great day today.  I saw the FedEx truck come to a slow roll in front of my house and I knew something amazing was about to be delivered.  It was my new Freefly Cinema MoVi M10!  I first laid eyes on the MoVi just before NAB, and I knew right away it was going to be a winner. Good friend Vicent Laforet did a great job assisting in the Movi’s unveiling,...Read More

GoPro Hero 3+ Announced. Specifications and Pricing. Available Now. Video Demo


GoPro announced the new Hero 3+ Line. The specifications were not as awesome as we had expected. No 4K 30fps but some minor improvements including battery life and less jello. Not a total loss. I’ll be trying to grab one of these for a demo. Stay tuned! Thanks. Here is a link to GoPro. Click here to check out the new Hero 3+ Specifications Weight Camera: 74g (2.6oz) Camera with housing: 136g (4.8oz) Video...Read More

GoPro Hero 3 Plus Rumor Announcement. 4K And More. Leaked Photos Hero3+


  *UPDATE* Leaked Photos of Actual GoPro Hero3+ A few more leaked specifications. Improved battery by more than 20%, enhanced image sharpness and less distortion (Jello) and better WiFi. Looks like a new front end to the underwater housing. No bolts. I’ll keep updating as I get more info. Stay tuned!   GoPro will announcing the new GoPro Hero 3 Plus Silver and Black edition any day now. The new line of Hero 3+...Read More

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