Candles Project One Year anniversary. Long Cool Trip So Far.


By: Jared Abrams It has been about a year since we shot this little segment for a display in Pasadena, California. The images were projected onto huge glass door in Pasadena for the Holidays. We had to shoot this way to complement French style doors. We shot this with a Canon 7D and a Zeiss 50mm and 85mm at f1.4 800 ISO. I did not try to pull focus. I simply let the actors...Read More

90 Minute Lunch – Pre Production


The ability to have a B cam shooting from another angle and focal length to give my editor more material to craft the scene is huge plus. Read More

Top 10 Tips for making post a lot easier


By now pretty much everything you might need to know about shooting on DSLRs has been covered by at least ten sites online, there are handbooks, guides, workshops, blogs, endless resources for what you should and shouldn’t be doing. What I don’t see anywhere are any properly useful tips for dealing with your post. So here’s my top ten tips for making life in the edit a whole lot less painful. Shoot for the...Read More

HDSLR Camera Prep For Cinema 5D.


By: Jared Abrams Here is a quick and dirty video on some of the steps we will take during our camera prep before any shoot. We always check the sensor to make sure there are no problems. I also check all of the electronics to make sure they all work as they should. It is also a good idea to build the camera in whatever configuration that you may use during the shoot. We...Read More

Createasphere 2010. Zeiss, Canon, Panasonic, G-Tech, Adam and Amy.


By: Jared Abrams Here are a few videos that we shot at the Createasphere Expo 2010 for both Wide Open Camera and The Photoletariat. We always have fun at these events. We had the most fun interviewing Amy Jean Davis. We really wanted to know what it was like to sit there all day and get eyeballed by cameramen. She was really cool, so we shot this little interview. Jan Crittenden, Panasonic AF100 Amy...Read More

Tattoo Doc BTS From Misa Garcia of JAG35


  Tattoo Documentary BTS from MisaGarcia on Vimeo. By; Jared Abrams Misa Garcia hooked up this killer behind the scenes video of our little tattoo doc called “Daddy’s Little Pistols”. He really captured the essence of our shoot. It was great to have the manufacture out there shooting with us. We were able to give JAG35 direct feedback on their rigs and accessories. The new on board battery worked great, the little 7″ monitor...Read More

Tattoo Documentary Promo


Tattoo Documentary Promo from jared abrams on Vimeo. By Chris Collins: We began shooting our tattoo documentary on Monday at Velvet Grip. Jared decided to get inked up by tattoo artist Dave Hatton, so we shot the session. We captured the tattoo coming together from start to finish. Dave has a lot of great things to say about tattoo culture and his passion for his work. Misa Garcia of Jag 35 came out to...Read More

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