Tattoo Doc BTS From Misa Garcia of JAG35


  Tattoo Documentary BTS from MisaGarcia on Vimeo. By; Jared Abrams Misa Garcia hooked up this killer behind the scenes video of our little tattoo doc called “Daddy’s Little Pistols”. He really captured the essence of our shoot. It was great to have the manufacture out there shooting with us. We were able to give JAG35 direct feedback on their rigs and accessories. The new on board battery worked great, the little 7″ monitor...Read More

Tattoo Documentary Promo


Tattoo Documentary Promo from jared abrams on Vimeo. By Chris Collins: We began shooting our tattoo documentary on Monday at Velvet Grip. Jared decided to get inked up by tattoo artist Dave Hatton, so we shot the session. We captured the tattoo coming together from start to finish. Dave has a lot of great things to say about tattoo culture and his passion for his work. Misa Garcia of Jag 35 came out to...Read More

Tattoo Documentary Pre Production


By: Jared Abrams Mitch O’Connell is one of the best graphic artists out there. He has designed a few tattoos for me in the past. I have been waiting for a while to get some more color. I have just been too darn busy with the HDSLR stuff to get anything done. So I figured that if I shot a little doc about the process from start to finish I could kill two birds...Read More

Someday Hero Film Gets Into The CMJ Film And Music Festival.


By: Jared Abrams The short film Someday Hero Written and Directed By Darcy Fray got into the CMJ Film and Music Film Festival. I was lucky enough to be a part of the film from start to finish. Darcy sent me the script for this short film about a Bi-Racial boy who grows up with an abusive father. The script hit home for me personally and I was drawn to the subject right away....Read More

Simplify your HDSLR Post


Shooting on a HDSLR can give you an amazing image out of the camera. Although, what do you do with the footage once you’ve shot it? If you have been on a Final Cut Pro (FCP) workflow, you know the pain. In the early days we used a mix-and-match method of Compressor droplets or third party transcoders like MPEGStreamClip. These methods worked and were semi-effective in editing your clips in a native Pro Res...Read More

Wide Open Camera Quick Take: Kit Essentials.


By: Jared Abrams Here is a Quick Take on one of our favorite tools for HDSLR work. Dust Off Jr was designed from the ground up specifically for HDSLR cameras. We have beaten the crap out of ours and it always performs. It is a bargain at only $5 per can. We recommend it over the aftermarket brands of canned air. It is the original. It even says it on the can, so it...Read More

Redrock Micro EVF for HDSLR Cameras


By: Chris Marino Some very exciting news coming out of Photo Cine Expo today. Brian Valente from Redrock Micro has announced a brand new Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) for HDSLR applications. We shot this with an iPhone 4 quick and dirty to get this very exciting news to you. Stay tuned for more content on this great innovative monitoring solution.Read More

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