Drop Test #3. Canon LP-E6 Battery

Quick Takes

By: Jared Abrams Here is another helpful Drop Test. We decided to go with something a little more realistic this time around. We dropped a Canon LP-E6 Battery from about six feet. As you can see in the video the battery casing cracked open. This could result in serious damage to the camera if anything were to leak out. Hopefully Canon will take note and improve the casing on these batteries. At over...Read More

Reagan Browne “Goodbye L.A.” Music Video


By: Jared Abrams Here is the Music Video I shot with Director Darcy Fray for the song ” Goodbye L.A.” by Reagan Browne on a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles. The “Drop Test” Canon 50mm f1.8 made it in the video. It really did work like a “Lens Baby” with iris control. Jason Wawro shot “B” camera. Nancy Schreiber , ASC has really embraced the HDSLR’s and lent us her fantastic eye...Read More

Drop Test #2- Litepanels MicroPro.

Quick Takes

By: Jared Abrams The first “Drop Test” was such a success we decided to do a few more. Here is Drop Test #2-Litepanels MicroPro. We Dropped the Litepanels MicroPro three times for our latest edition of  “Drop Test“. Future Rock star Shooter Hunter Kerhart missed the first landing. He was still in shock after getting his new iPad, the second landing went way off camera. By the third try, he nailed it! This battery-powered on...Read More

Shooting A Music Video. On A Roof. Downtown Los Angeles

Quick Takes

By: Jared Abrams I got a call to shoot a music video from Director Darcy Fray. It was for a song called “Goodbye L.A.” by Reagan Browne. There was not a ton of money, but enough to get a proper crew and cool location. I am always game for that kind of shoot. The only hitch was that the band was only available to shoot from 9am till 3pm, very harsh lighting conditions. There was no...Read More

Drop Test #1- Canon EF II 50mm f/1.8

Quick Takes

Today while shooting a music video for Reagan Browne’s “Goodbye L.A.”  Directed by, Darcy Fray we took a break to do the first – of what is planned to be many – Drop Tests. Drop Test #1 Canon 50mm EF II f1.8 Lens. The Canon EF II 50mm f1.8 is known as the cheapest glass that Canon offers. It is actually a good buy at just about $100. Would you be better off buying a used...Read More

Jared Abrams Demo Reel.

Quick Takes

Read More

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