Life in a Day: My Brother & Me


By Chris Collins The Life in a Day project is a great idea for bringing videos from all over the world together into one piece.  July 24 happened to be my little brother’s birthday, and he was in town with my mother and step-father.  I spent the day with the three of them, and I put this quick piece together.  It’s not easy living across the country from my little brother as he is...Read More

Zac Majors “Flying Zippy” Hang Gliding With HDSLR’s.


Zac Majors “Flying Zippy” let us mount a Canon Rebel T2i To his rig. The results are pretty stunning. Dave Aldrich asked us to shoot some footage for a film he is putting together. Chris Collins shot “B” cam. We used a Canon Rebel T2i with a Tokina 11-16mm T2.8 Zoom mounted to an arm that Dave built. Zac is one of the Top Pilots in the world. He is also one of...Read More

Run and Gun Style For The Photoletariat.


Here is a Run and Gun setup we use all the time. Any kind of Image Satbilized Lens will work. We also shoot with the Canon 70-200mm L IS all the time with this type of setup. Check out the full article at The Photoletariat.Read More

Quick Take Shot With Apple iPhone 4. Arri MMF-1 Mini Follow Focus.


Here is another quick take. This one is on the kick ass Arri MMF-1 Mini Follow Focus. The Mini is by far one of the best follow focus units for HDSLR work. There are mechanical hard stops that work very well with Canon glass. There is also a reversible gear drive that works with Nikon Glass. Arri makes some of the best professional cinema equipment in the world. The MMF-1 Follow Focus is...Read More

Quick Take Shot with Apple iPhone 4 Cut With iMovie App.


By: Jared Abrams My AC Hunter Kerhart had the idea to shoot this little quick take on the Zacuto Z Finder Junior with his iPhone 4 and cut it using the iMovie App. It took us about twenty takes to get it right. I kept flubbing my lines, we do not rehearse or use a script of any kind with our quick takes. I rely mostly on the info I have on hand....Read More

Shooting half-naked women without permits? 5D says yes!


The most apparent advantage of shooting with an HDSLR aside from cost is its ability to go anywhere inconspicuously.  Director Ilya Polyakov was looking for a way to facilitate shooting three half-naked women on a city street in broad daylight with no permits.  We decided that the Canon 5D was the way to go.  The documentary style aesthetic was achieved by shooting handheld with a Red Rock Micro Eyespy Deluxe...Read More

Beck’s spot shot on 7D with Zeiss/Nikon primes


I was introduced to PopTent a few months back by my friend Alan Gwizdowski, and I have been shooting for their contests ever since.  It’s a great website to find big name companies looking to buy specs.  This particular spot was my introduction to poptent and to shooting on HDSLRs.  We had a Canon 7D, a Zeiss ZE 100mm macro, and an assortment of Nikon primes.  We ended up living...Read More

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