Beck’s spot shot on 7D with Zeiss/Nikon primes


I was introduced to PopTent a few months back by my friend Alan Gwizdowski, and I have been shooting for their contests ever since.  It’s a great website to find big name companies looking to buy specs.  This particular spot was my introduction to poptent and to shooting on HDSLRs.  We had a Canon 7D, a Zeiss ZE 100mm macro, and an assortment of Nikon primes.  We ended up living...Read More

Simple Green Spot Shot With a Canon 7D and Zeiss ZE Glass


By: Jared Abrams Here is a quick spot, shot on the Canon 7D with Zeiss ZE Primes. Director Billy Jayne hooked up this little Simple Green spot. He is one kick ass Director to watch. The concept of the spot is a husband stealing his wife’s Simple Green to clean his ride. He gets busted and tries to hide the evidence behind his back. We were fighting the sun all day until magic hour....Read More

Quick Take: Marshall Monitor Review


Written by Jason Wawro Photos & Video by Hunter Kerhart The single most important tool on set, other than the camera is the onboard monitor.  If your onboard is game tight your gonna be alright, if not you’ll have a another reason to get the right one.  So what is the right onboard?  There are so many options at so many price points it’s really tough to decide.  I have been working with onboards...Read More

Videomaker Magazine Shoots With A Canon 5D At NAB 2010.


By Jared Abrams caught me when we were uploading a few interviews for C5D in the press room at NAB 2010. I admit, the media center was such a nice place to chill from the hectic pace down on the showroom floor. The guys from Videomaker were super cool. The best part is that they were using a Canon 5D Mark II with the 24-105mm kit lens! I wanted to finally thank them...Read More

Drop Test #3. Canon LP-E6 Battery


By: Jared Abrams Here is another helpful Drop Test. We decided to go with something a little more realistic this time around. We dropped a Canon LP-E6 Battery from about six feet. As you can see in the video the battery casing cracked open. This could result in serious damage to the camera if anything were to leak out. Hopefully Canon will take note and improve the casing on these batteries. At over...Read More

Reagan Browne “Goodbye L.A.” Music Video


By: Jared Abrams Here is the Music Video I shot with Director Darcy Fray for the song ” Goodbye L.A.” by Reagan Browne on a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles. The “Drop Test” Canon 50mm f1.8 made it in the video. It really did work like a “Lens Baby” with iris control. Jason Wawro shot “B” camera. Nancy Schreiber , ASC has really embraced the HDSLR’s and lent us her fantastic eye...Read More

Drop Test #2- Litepanels MicroPro.


By: Jared Abrams The first “Drop Test” was such a success we decided to do a few more. Here is Drop Test #2-Litepanels MicroPro. We Dropped the Litepanels MicroPro three times for our latest edition of  “Drop Test“. Future Rock star Shooter Hunter Kerhart missed the first landing. He was still in shock after getting his new iPad, the second landing went way off camera. By the third try, he nailed it! This battery-powered on...Read More

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