5K RED Scarlet Slays 15 Million Dollar Canon Cinema EOS Launch.


No Film School is reporting that the new Red Scarlet will come in at around $10K for the Canon EF mount version and a little more than $12K for a PL mount version Scarlet. Click here for more info. Here are some of the specifications.

  • SCARLET-X with side SSD and Ti PL Mount Package: $15,465
  • Includes: Scarlet-X Brain
  • Includes: DSMC Side Handle
  • Includes: 5″ Touch LCD
  • Includes: 2x REDVolts
  • Includes: REDVolt travel charger
  • Includes: REDMAG 64GB
  • Includes: RED STATION 1.8″
  • Will begin shipping on Nov 17
Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • http://www.rusticred.com Hank Palan

    Nothing about the Canon C300 got me that excited…this however blows everything away at that price…sorry Canon but you lose before you even get out of the gate.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, the C300 is a JOKE. The Scarlet is still a little out of my price range… but you can bet Red will be getting my money when the time comes.

    The 1DX is running DUAL digicV’s at 14fps RAW for $7000… and the best you’re going to give us is a measly DigicIII and 1080p at 30fps for $20k? You’ve lost my business for good. Good thing I waited for this announcement before I invested more into your EF lenses… which needless to say… I will NOT be doing.

  • http://twitter.com/c2camera Chris Collins

    buying a red is a slippery slope. aks are what end up breaking the bank.  looks like they’ve put together a nice little package for $15k, but the market is gonna get supersaturated very quickly. returning that investment may be more difficult than it seems.  i’m stoked on the scarlet but definitely as a rental item.

  • http://giuliosciorio.com Giulio Sciorio

    I’m with you. Red made Canon their bitch. What’s really sad is that it happened from a relatively small company too. Canon is a HUGE multi national corporation with millions of dollars spent on R&D and this is what they send out at 20 grand??

    They got some Hollywood big shots paid to show up and talk about their camera while if I were them I’d be a bit insulted that I was there pushing this turd when an American company quietly announcing something so amazing I’m looking at it to transform my entire business (and life) SUPER EXCITED for Scarlet.

  • Dave

    Red did’t slay anyone, unless you are looking at a paper war. obviously most peole missed the new tech implemented in the C300. It is freakin’ incredible for the “lowly” numbers! Ha! Numbers don’t mean squat! This cam can stand the test of the 60 ft. screen and passes with flying colors! ALL problems have been solved. 4k…Meh. For folks who don’t get their framing/composition right when on set, sure! but then again, it seems everything is being put off ’til post. “DPs/Directors” keep getting weaker, and expect the camera to take up the slack. When you Canon bashers wake up and realize what these engineers have done, and the fact that the Scarlet WILL break down when you need it most, you’ll have been schooled in not only technology within bounds, but etiquette as well…Of course, if YOU can build either camera then by all means assassinate what I’ve said.

  • Arie

    Hi Dave, finally a professional who understands. I totally agree. I shot a lot on RED, because they made me. Hope that I never will have to do it again.

  • Arie

    RED small company?? Founder is the owner of OAKLEY sunlasses. These enormly expensive pieces of plastic!!!
    He does this as a hobby! Funny, so many people who never did a proper shoot or hold a camera or a REd do like them just on a few specs. Dude the Arri Alexa is just 1080P. You know how many films they have shot with this camera?

  • http://giuliosciorio.com Giulio Sciorio

    Yes Red is a small company. Canon spends over 70 million dollars a year on R&D. I’m sure Reds R&D budget is a fraction of it. Yes I do realize that many files are shot on the Alexa. It’s very popular here in Miami but among my friends we’re shooting the Red and in a few cases shot a PL mount 7D.

    It’s cool that a lot of hobbyists love Red without ever seeing one. That’s their right and I think that one can aspire to own a Scarlet if they work at it and build a business.

    What’s great about the Scarlet is because of the price point many will be able to use them on smaller productions because the rental will be less then a Epic although on a long production that does not save that much. You’re crew fees are what they are.

    Have you done a ‘proper’ shoot with a Red?