Calling Indie Producers and Directors


Wide Open Camera is gearing up it’s production arm this summer and we wanted to reach out to any filmmakers out there who may be interested in shooting some spec commercials.
For those of you who haven’t heard of this newly emerging but rapidly expanding market, there’s a whole new wave of “crowd-sourced” commercials that have taken the place of what was the traditional advertising model for years. Now, instead of hiring an ad agency and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single spot, companies have turned to websites such as Filmaka, Current, and Poptent for their commercial needs.

In the last year, I was lucky enough to sell two spots to Poptent. I cleared around $20K from that site alone. It actually worked! My whole outlook on this business is very different from how I think most people see it. I see this whole business as one big party. A giant collaboration waiting to happen. So what I’m looking to do, to help launch WOC’s expanded production ventures, is start outsourcing some of these spots. All the brands have creative briefs out there that are available to pretty much anyone, so in theory you don’t need us to do your own spots. However we would be more than happy to use our resources and talent to help you see your production come to life. Please contact us via email if you feel that we could help out your production in any way. Hit us up at we are always down for a fun shoot.

Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Nidygot

    Your first concern should be this website!
    The theme and layout is horrid, And to be ” Very frank and Very honest” you need to learn
    that you are not able to drive members or potential clients to trust you if your own “Site or Work” suffers from originality and creativity.

    With every misguided blogger there is this attitude that “The People” will come…. eventually
    and our blog will generate revenue, from those visitors.

    But With “Nothing unique” or “Nothing new and exciting” to offer Makes quickly a utterly boring blog.

    You are only as experienced as your last paying job, And to state that you made 20K in less than a year through Poptent only exaggerates the fact that you had some luck that year, and does not in any way shape or form make you an “Authority” on how to make money is this business, Nor does it make you able to offer any services free or otherwise that can help your viewers.

    As far as collaborating goes?… that is at best what you seem to be offering here in this post
    But most “Talented People” would not bother with Wide Open Camera as they are not the creative kind, They market and advertise DSLR Gear and help all “BLOATED” over priced gear makers
    to get more sales for the most part, and that has nothing to do with “Real Creativity” and shooting Real Paying Work!

    Now I’m only being Harsh and Honest because Jared is one of the hardest working people doing what he does, and I know he will land on his feet and find his Niche eventually.

    But you are all young and new to this kind of work, and with that said it will take some major
    and extremely well done projects under your belt before you will be taken seriously.

    The way you all talk and how you conduct your self’s needs a little work before your peers will take you seriously.

  • El Skid

    Hi Nidygot

    you make some valid points here and actually have hit the nail completely on the head: DSLRs galvanised people around a shared community of access to tools we never thought we’d be able to afford. That buzz was always going to be temporary and Jared and I have been talking about how to move things on significantly for nearly a year now. It takes quite a lot of balls actually to abandon an easy cash for text model like DSLR blogging but that’s what we all feel is the right way forward. As with any blog, if you don’t like it, don’t read it, but Jared will happily show you the numbers which proves that there is an audience for WOC and this audience is loyal. Granted, the site isn’t that flash at the moment but I, for one, couldn’t give a monkeys whether we feature a lame flash animation, or an uber designed graphic interface. That’s not what this is about. Indie filmmaking is rough and ready, it’s hands-on and it’s about integrity. This is what WOC is all about, and what Jared has always been about.

    Now, if I were an asshole I would take apart your comment piece by piece, analysing the terrible grammar, random capitalisations, absurd use of inverted commas and peculiar assertions, but I’m not an asshole. You can express yourself however you like. Just don’t criticise our presentation and layout when yours is so poor. Pot. Kettle. Black.

    We never delete comments, no matter how negative, because we believe people will make their own minds up about the worth of those comments by themselves.

    But let me take issue with a couple of statements because they pertain directly to me as a member of the WOC team:

    “Misguided blogger”

    The fact is, blogging is a game of numbers, and you can make money from it. We’ve grown out of simply blogging to build revenue hence the need to evolve the site. The model works.

    “You are only as experienced as your last paying job”

    No you’re not. You’re as experienced as the work you’ve done. Fact. My last paying job was a small edit for a fashion brand. Does that make me a lowly post production functionary in the textile business? No.

    “You are all young and new to this kind of work”

    No. We’re not. Jared and I between us have over thirty years experience. I ran a production company for 8 years, producing extreme sports films, tv programmes, music videos, corporate films, commercials and viral ads. I’ve directed 35 music videos, countless hours of television and shot and posted many more. The way you talk to your peers needs work before we’ll take you seriously. Seriously.

    I have no problem with people taking issue with what we do, but if there’s one thing we’ve always prided ourselves in this peculiar market, it’s that we have credibility. Many other bloggers don’t actually shoot, don’t really have much to back up their assertions. We do.

    Now I’m only being ‘Harsh and Honest’ [sic] because you’ve made me lose twenty minutes out of a busy day putting my feature film together in order to address what is clearly a rushed comment.

    Hope that answers your concerns.

    Robin Schmidt
    WOC and proud of it.

  • Rob

    Since you were so honest, I’ll do the same.

    Not sure why you had to be so condescending. This is a solid site to see what’s going on in the DSLR world. Gear, behind the scenes, and some other fun stuff can be on this site. It is a blog so I’m not sure why it needs to be so fancy. Myself along with others come here to watch videos and read information. I think they’ve done a great job.

    Now I may have lost you at the word ‘fun’. This is what this field is about and especially what DSLRs are about. People like you try to ruin it. I’m sure you are thinking ‘this guy must not do this for a living.’ I do. Everyday, all day. And I love it. People like Jared Abrams, Phil Bloom, and other spokesmen for the community make it what it is. Their personality gets them farther and is much appreciated. You can be professional without having a stick up your butt while wearing a suite.

    Not sure what the whole paragraph about WOC not being the creative kind. I would love to see your stuff since it sounds like they are nowhere neat your level. Can I please get a link to your site?

  • Goforjared

    Thanks brother Robin. Well stated as usual. I pulled the post for a few minutes and got distracted by the lovely Royal Wedding. A quick edit and now it’s back up. It is Ilya’s first post and he rambled on a little too much. I did not edit anything that was pointed out in the comments. Poptent and spec spots in general are not for everyone. If there is one thing I learned in this blogging bit is to embrace the hate. It will only make you stronger.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • MNS1974

    I think they should post anything they want. The fact that you wrote a novel about this post and used such a negative posture shows you are either jealous or feel you are an authority on this. Wide Open is a great blog and resource to all. You should delete your comment as it makes you look like a dick.

  • Goforjared

    Thanks for the kind words and the support!

  • Goforjared

    Thanks for the support brother!
    Dig it.

  • Goforjared

    I agree that we could improve the look and feel of the site. We are working on that now. I disagree with the comment that we have nothing new or exciting to offer our viewers. You will find content here that you cannot find anywhere else. The purpose of the site is not to generate revenue or fatten manufactures pockets. The purpose of wide open camera is to build a community of filmmakers that are willing to share our experiences as we navigate our way through the industry. We only hope that our viewers will gain something from their time spent here. I appreciate your response and hope you may change your mind about WOC one day.

  • Kris J Halverson

    Just gotta say one thing: From a graphic design standpoint, there is nothing of any significance to take issue with on this site. First and foremost, it needs to be readable, and it succeeds. As an information portal, that is the sites ONLY job after informing. The fact that its laid-back and a good time is simply icing on the cake.

    Keep up the good work WOC.

  • Goforjared

    Thanks for the comment. I dig the information portal thing. We try our best. Really appreciate the support.

  • Paul

    I have been very impressed with the content that WOC has been putting out. The lens cleaning video was awesome. Seeing how tiny the grip shop here is compared to Filmtools was awesome. Getting the opinions of all the different people who write for this site, who are all unique voices, is another reason that I make sure to keep up with WOC.

    Also: I really don’t see any issue with this site, and besides, this is a site about production not web design. If Ilya was posting how-to’s about webdesign then the design of this site might matter, but he isn’t.

  • Steve Hildreth

    The quick takes you guys do are some of the best, most honest product reviews I’ve seen. I love your site and if I got the opportunity to work with y’all it’d be awesome. Unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere Ohio, so it’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon.

  • Jon Blake

    :) The guy just posted some very useful information. Why lash out and criticize? Even if you don’t like what they do, how they do it and don’t want to collaborate or don’t want to do anything with WOC (not sure why you’d be reading this site then), I think the fact that they informed public about such money-making opportunity is good enough to drop a quick “thank you” note. Or possibly don’t write anything, if you don’t have anything constructive to contribute.

    I knew about POPTENT, but completely forgot about it. Now, I have a business partner and we intend to shoot paid gigs and this was a very useful reminder. So thanks. And get ready for some competition on POPTENT :)

  • Goforjared

    Dig it. Thanks for the comment. Let us know if you ever need any help. Ilya has it down to a science.

  • TheRedOwl

    Looks like the negative nancy has been shut down. I’ve never really commented on it but I like the site layout for WOC. It’s clean(mostly), and the ads do not annoy me. That and the posts are not boring. Victory for you chaps I would say. Keep doing what you are doing WOC.


    Wow. You must be a cinema5d or planet 5d user. I’m sorry.

  • Jon Blake

    Thanks Jared.

  • Stacey Superstix

    I was just telling my co-worker I’d sport a WOC t-shirt with that pinup logo on it if you made ’em!

  • J-dog

    Thank-you to Ilya for being wide-open and sharing. Definitely motivating & inspiring info, that I otherwise wasn’t aware of … much appreciated.

    Big-ups to El Skid & Jared handling the negativity, very kool. Speaks volumes about who you are … always take the higher ground. Keep up the work, guys. Dig it!


  • Goforjared

    We sell them on the site. Tip of the home page under Wide Open Camera Shop. Really appreciate the support.

  • Jamesaltoona

    Keep up the good work guys! Huge supporter!

  • Craig from OZ

    Im not sure why people feel the need to post negative comments, For me I find Jarred informative and extremely hard working and obviously what he does works, or you wouldn’t have found the blog in the first place. I think it is just a case of tall poppy syndrome. People like Jarred, Philip Bloom, Vincent Laforet etc, have never claimed to be the authority on everything DSLR or to do with film or stills, they simply have shared their experiences with the wider public and as such have made a great amount of information available that wouldnt have been as easy to access if they hadnt, also they have had a major impact on the companies that sell the products we all use every day. Im sure there are many people who have made informed choices with the purchases of their equipment and not wasted money on the wrong product for their needs, thanks to these guys and others like them.
    If they are able to make some income from doing this, then even better and why shouldnt they, this requires a huge amount of work to be able to bring all of this to us, and Im sure if you went to your doctor or accountant they dont give you their opinion for free. We all need to eat and pay bills.
    If you feel the need to express your opinion in a negative way even if it is meant to be helpful feedback. I dont think this is the correct forum for it . I feel your comments should be directed via an email or a private message through Twitter or some other way that is private.
    To Jarred and anyone else who is doing similar things in this industry, personaly I would just like to say THANK-YOU and keep up the good work.

  • Goforjared

    Thanks for the well thought out comment. We really appreciate all of the support WOC has gotten recently.
    Thank You!

  • Goforjared

    Thanks for the kind words. We dig it.

  • Nidygot

    I need to apologize, but I am not regretful of my comment,
    My comment was meant to instigate or incite you, not anger you or make you want to hate me,
    I am a force, I am a peer, I am your fan!
    I am at the very least bold enough to let you know when and where you lack talent
    or need advice, I sincerely appreciate your effort, But Effort is in most cases not enough for
    the future of Indie Filmmakers , and certainly not enough for your followers.
    We whom follow you, expect nothing less than Mature and Responsible gear reviews.

    But it’s not just about that, I remember when you used a to shallow of a DOF during a video Review
    and it was horribly accepted, But
    did I complain?? NO!

    I waited to see if your other reviews got any better…And guess what…They Did!
    And they still get better every month for the most part.

    Please accept my apology, especially to Ilya Polyakov
    It was nothing personal.

    I am who I am, I have no regrets, I just strive for success, and love seeing others succeed,
    With the right intentions and attitude, I wish I had never posted that comment at first,
    But now with all your supporters, I can see it may have been not such a bad thing?

    Just trying to be me, Sorry for the misguided love!


  • Goforjared

    I think you have many valid points and we appreciate criticism on Wide Open Camera. We will strive to get better in the future.
    Thanks for your comments.

  • Stacey Superstix


  • aombk

    you’ve got to be kidding me!

    there was a problem.
    companies wanted hundreds of people working for them
    but wanted to pay only a fraction of the amount they would pay if they hired one of them for a project.
    and then, they got this idea.

    you cannot demand a complete product that will generate income for your business(like an ad or a logo for example) as a submission for a competition and be ok with it.
    business should hire people and pay them for their ads and logos.

    soon we will be working for free just hoping someone will buy us a cup of coffee.
    the scientific and artistic proletariat is here already and its getting bigger and bigger

    why not help your readers by posting things like this instead?:

  • Shojib Ashrafi Na Ashrafi

    My thoughts exactly… you’d think people who either own or plan to ride in a limo would like to know that information!