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Here is a little bit about the film from Director Bryan Tosh. Take a minute and check this out. The brother lays it all out here.

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With the recent deaths of actors like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith, the issues of addiction and mental health are at the forefront of the public’s eye more than ever. It’s just sad that it takes something like the death of a celebrity to do so.

My childhood wasn’t exactly the best; I wouldn’t say it was the worst either. I did, however, grow up with drugs in the home and have seen first hand the toll it can take on the user as well as their family. At an early age, I had ways of coping and it always seemed to be in a creative medium. Sometimes it was drawing comic book art, other times it would be writing tall tales of fiction. In high school I found photography. Even while serving in the military I sought out creative outlets.

In 2002 I was deployed aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73). We were in port on liberty in the beautiful country of Portugal. We were only there a day when I received an American Red Cross message from home. My world was changed forever. My parents had passed. Again, I was drawn to a new way of coping, screenwriting. Since 2002, I have pushed myself to becoming a filmmaker, connecting with other filmmakers, reading every book I can, attending film school, now I have written and directed a short film that has been the deepest kind of therapy for me. The film is called Bridgetown.

BRIDGETOWN is a short dramatic film about a father who struggles with the choice of continuing down the path his drug addiction has taken him or finally healing a broken relationship with his estranged daughter. The genesis of Bridgetown began about a year ago, but I always knew that I wanted to include elements from my own experiences into a film long before that. I just needed the story.

When I first pitched the full idea to some fellow filmmakers, it resembled more of a feature. I needed a short. So I pulled the elements that hit close to home for me from the feature and fleshed out a short film. Fast-forward to today; we are moving on to the next cut of the film after receiving a gut wrenching critique on the first edit. It’s always gut wrenching when you’re so close to the material.

As I look back on what we have accomplished, I couldn’t be more proud and truly humbled as well. If you show how passionate you are about something, others will feed off of that passion and follow you into fire if need be. That is what my cast and crew did for me. It is because of the amazing work from these fine men and women that makes Bridgetown an even better film. I am excited and CRAZY nervous for everyone to see it. I hope that someday you will be able to see it as well.”

Bryan Tosh is a Portland area filmmaker currently studying at the Art Institute of Portland. Before attending Ai Portland, Bryan studied at the Academy of Art while also serving in the United States Navy. He has been able to work on a wide range of projects from NFL Films to Production Assistant work on the set of Portlandia. His strengths are in the areas cinematography, screenwriting, and editing.


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