Chinon Announces The Bellami HD-1 Digital Super 8 Camera.



The Hipster camera movement is gaining momentum with the announcement of the new Chinon Bellami HD-1 Digital Super 8mm Cine Camera. There is not a lot of info about this camera yet. Here is a rip from the Personal View blog with pricing at around $850 US. The Bellami HD-1 looks tiny in the hands of the model. Lets hope it has a unique look to match.

Here is a rip from the personal view post. Images provided by Superheadz Tokyo.

“Chinon (a low end consumer manufacturer in Japan) have put a rather mysterious announcement on their website. A pistol-grip retro style FullHD 1080p camera.

At first I though maybe a cheap D16 / BMPCC competition? But nope, seems it will be a little too close to BMPCC pricing. Still, could be a good cheaper alternative for the hipsters lusting after a D16. But largely I’m mainly speaking 100% speculation here as info is very scarce on this.

This has the most info I’ve seen yet:

About US$830 (80,000 Yen), which puts it too close to a BMPCC in price I think for this to be a competitive choice (unless Chinon manages something unexpected). Am hoping it at least has a CCD global sensor like the D16 which is its main competition? But I would take a guess it is more like to have a typical compact point and shoot camera sensor in it instead. Perhaps we should instead be expecting something more along the lines of the C mount modded GoPro in terms of what this Bellami HD-1 will be like?

Other info: Will go on sale in just a few weeks (mid March). Says D, C, CS, and M42 mount is supported? (with adapters)

The websites on this website illustrates just how tiny this will be in the hands of a user!

Additionally take a look at the top with the “T” & “W” buttons! 😮 Looks like zoom lenses will have this as a control, this kinda cancels out the thought this is going to be targeted at retro users with vintage lens? Instead more likely for the CCTV lenses that have this functionality? However, it could also be a digital zoom function. This is a cheap-stuff manufacturer after all.”

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