DJI New M Handhled Gimbal Stabilizer System Under $2K US. NAB 2015


We snuck into NAB 2015 with an exhibitor badge to grab this quick iPhone BTS of Dan Chung and his team checking out the new DJI M for “Mini”gimbal handheld stabilizer system. The best info I could get prior to release was around $2K US. That would be a killer price for this type of system. No mention of weight restrictions or battery life yet. They also showed off a nifty little wireless follow focus system to boot. We will have more coverage here, stay tuned.

DJI Website here.

For more info on the DJI handheld gimbal hit up News Shooter


Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.16.25 PM

*Update Here is a little more info about the new DJI Ronin M mini handheld gimbal system. It weighs less than five pounds base weight, six hour battery life, eight pound payload, under two grand. Not too shabby. 😉

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