Filters! The New iPhone App From Formatt-Hitech.


The brothers and sisters over at Formatt-Hitech have released a new iPhone App called Filters! Unlike most iPhone camera apps this bad boy lets you apply filters before taking the shot. It also has a cool zoom feature and exposure lock. Filters! has over 100 filter and effect options created by filter maker Formatt-Hitech. This is one cool looking App.

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Here is the boring Press Release.


February 21, 2013 Aberdare, Wales, UK: Formatt-Hitech, the world’s leading manufacturer of photographic filters, introduces Filters!, an exciting new camera app for iOS. Filters! is a unique photographic application because it allows the photographer to apply filters before making the exposure, and saves those adjustments to the actual image at the pixel level. Filters! enhances the iOS camera experience by allowing the photographer complete control over focus, exposure, zoom and more. Plus, Filters features a huge variety of filter effects, from professional “problem solvers” such as grads, to creative and fun filters that produce a whole variety of photographic possibilities. Filters! also features complete integration with all popular social media services, including a unique auto-upload feature for Facebook and other social networks.


Filters! is an Upgraded Camera for iOS

Nearly all other photo apps today are not cameras but merely post-capture image processors, meaning you’re limited to using the iPhone camera app to make your photograph, and altering it later to varying degrees. Essentially most photo apps are not cameras. Filters! is a truly upgraded camera for the iPhone and should always be the first step in your image processing workflow. Filters! saves adjustments and effects at the pixel level, providing the photographer with the highest quality images of any camera application for iOS on the market. Images created with Filters! are sharper and more vibrant and a better foundation for post-processing.

Filters! features a tap to focus feature allowing the user to choose their focal point. One of Filters! most exciting features is the “Hold to Expose” tool. The user simply holds and drags their finger to the desired area of the image to adjust the exposure. Want to expose for that bright sky? Drag your finger over the sky. Want to exposure for the dark foliage? Drag your finger there. It’s quick, easy and extremely powerful.


Apply Effects Before Capture

Filters! contains a wide variety of effects, from professional tools such as graduated filters and calibrated black & white filters, to fun effects that simulate pop-art, vintage cameras, polarization and more. In fact, Filters! comes standard with one of the widest selection of creative filter options of any camera app, making it easy to develop your own unique style.

Beyond the large selection of interesting effects, Filters! is truly a professional camera tool that allows photographers to use filters as problem solving tools. For example, landscape photographers often struggle with balancing bright sky to dark terrain. To solve this problem, photographers use graduated filters. Filters! makes this possible in the digital realm, making your iPhone as adaptable as a DSLR camera.

Filters! also features a calibrated set of black & white filters to improve skin tones, darken the sky, and enhance the overall contrast, simulating a look similar to the great film photographers throughout history. Using Filters! turns your iPhone into an excellent black and white camera, without gimmicky “vintage” looking distortions. But if fun vintage looks interest you, Filters! does that too.


Have some fun!

Filters! includes a stunning selection of soft filters that are extremely flattering for portraiture, plus fun specialty filters such as vignette, sketch, tilt/shift, monochrome, mist, fog, day for night and more. Complete Popart and Retro collections are included which provides stunning and unusual effects whether shooting people or landscapes. The polarizer removes haze, enhances blues and increases contrast. Filters! creative filter options are almost limitless and most filters are adjustable to varying degrees with simple onscreen swipes and taps. Filters! users have so many options at their disposal, from slight corrections to radical departures from reality, all in a fun and easy to use camera application.


Social Media Interaction

Filters! includes the ability to either manually or automatically upload your images to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Other social networks will be added shortly in a free update. This superfast facility enables your photos to be shared immediately and efficiently to your chosen social network(s).


Put Filters! in your Dock

Filters! both dramatically enhances the iOS camera operation for taking pictures, but it also allows for complete creative control of the image at the time of capture. Couple those features with advanced social media integration and Filters! will find a permanent spot in your iOS dock as the advanced camera app of choice. Filters! is available now in the app store.






About Formatt-Hitech

Formatt-Hitech is a leading innovator in the manufacture of photographic and cinematic filters. Based in the UK Formatt-Hitech uses award-winning, computerized manufacturing, coupled with the finest materials to create the finest filters in the world. Filters! is a result of 30+ years of photo industry experience applied to the mobile application market. Formatt-Hitech is the Rhondda Cynon Taf (South Wales) Business of the Year 2012.


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