Fire Destroys Home. Fellow Filmmaker Yves Simard Needs Our Help!


Fellow filmmaker Yves Simard suffered a blow this holiday season. A fire destroyed his home. @VisionWrangler has started a donation campagin and we owe it to Yves to act as a community and help out however we can. If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word. Luckily no one was hurt! Here is a rip from the Cinescopophilia post.

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“It is devastating news hearing that our dear friend and fellow Cameraman from New Zealand Yves Simard @crewstv lost his house in a fire. Yves, his four children and his lovely Wife managed to get out of their gutted home safely but only with what they were wearing at the time. A few small things including some kids Xmas pressies were saved but the house was pretty much destroyed by fire and of course water damage from the firies tending the blaze claimed the remaining possessions.
A house fire is never good news at the best of times and the timing of this disaster so close to Christmas for Yves his wife and their four little kiddies is just heart breaking news.”

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