Four Foot Soft Light Wand By Michael Sutton. DIY Under $70!



Here is a super cool DIY four foot soft light solution by Michael Sutton of Frozen Prosperity.

This looks light a great way to add a soft source without breaking the bank. Here is th breakdown by Mike Sutton.

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“Here is what you will need to make my 4 foot soft light wand with remote on/off, dimming, strobe, etc.

1x Co-RODE DC 12V 300LED 5630 LED Strip. $18.99 on Amazon Prime

1x LE Mini Remote controller for Single color LED. Dimmer, etc. $5.45 Amazon Prime

1x PCB LED connector 10pcs $2.99 Amazon Prime

1x Metalux Clear Bulb Guard $3.68 at Lowes

1x ClosetMaid 8’ White Shelf Liner (used as diffusion and as a LED strip Carrier insert) $7.98 at Lowes you can also use other diffusion material but this is cheap and thick.

A flashlight for a handle or PVC pipe. Flashlights are cheap $5-15. A piece of PVC $2.99.  When front end removed battery canister must be a diameter that will fit the metalux bulb guard tube.  Then just use mini screws or hot glue to affix it.

Some electrical tape $.99 to affix the metalux bulb guard end cap and to prevent light from coming out the end of the tube.

12V battery block (bescor, Kessler magpack, etc)  or this $11.99 cheapy


Total Cost = $67.07

assuming you are using a $15 flashlight versus one you already have or just a piece of PVC pipe.

Cut a 2” wide 48” long strip of the ClosetMaid White Shelf liner or thick opaque diffusion material.  Use a ruler to make sure it’s a straight cut.  The LED strips on the roll have 3M Adhesive on the back.  For your first strip make sure its the one that has the power connector.  Now line up that LED strip onto the 2” x 48” white liner you just cut along the edge. Leave some length on the bottom where the power connector attaches. Remove the backing and affix it to the liner. Run it upto the top edge.  Overlap the LED strip so that you get a cut point about an inch or two above the liner edge. You want the LED strips longer than the liner and you want them to each end on a cut point as you will be using the PCB connectors to link the cut strips together.  Now take you next length of LED strip (should be same length as last one. This one you will lay next to the strip you just affixed but the positive and negative should be the opposite of your first strip end. Example + – on first strip then strip next to it will be – +   Affix the strip to the liner and cut it at the end point. Again overlapping the liner like the first strip.  Use one of the PCB LED connectors and connect positive to positive negative to negative.  You will see the connectors will now line up.  Now do this same process with two more strips. Now your third strip will be same same as the first + – and your fourth will be like your second – +

Next step is to cut an 8” wide x 48” long strip of the liner material and roll it up so that it fits nicely into the Metalux Bulb Guard Tube.  Keep the seem straight. Feel free to use scotch tape to assist in making it straight. Now you have a nicely diffused tube that your LED liner will be inserted into.

Now take your liner that has 4x LED strips with PCB connectors and a power input cord and curve the end and insert it into the Metalux Guard Bulb tube all the way down so the connectors hang out the end. Make sure it is straight and tape down the ends if your curve isn’t staying.  Tuck the connectors on the end back into the tube. With electrical tape affix the Bulb Guard Cap onto the end.   Attach the power dongle from the remote control to the power input of the light strip.  Use some tape on the connector to ensure it does not come loose.

Next take your flashlight and remove the front end (bulb, reflector batteries, etc) and drill a hole wide enough for the remote control power dongle end to fit though.  or just use a PVC tube and end cap (drill hole for remote power dongle to hang out of.).  Affix your light with remote dongle into the cavity of the flashlight or PVC tube for at least three inches.  Once you find a place you like, either use screws or hot glue to affix your new handle.

Lastly take the power terminal that came with the LED strip lights and attach it to your power lead on the battery you have chosen.  If you chose the cheapy battery I listed then you just have to plug that in directly.

Now shoot some shit will your cool ass soft light wand.”

Michael Sutton

Twitter @MNS1974

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