GoPro Hero 3 Plus Rumor Announcement. 4K And More. Leaked Photos Hero3+


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Leaked Photos of Actual GoPro Hero3+

A few more leaked specifications.

Improved battery by more than 20%, enhanced image sharpness and less distortion (Jello) and better WiFi. Looks like a new front end to the underwater housing. No bolts. I’ll keep updating as I get more info. Stay tuned!


GoPro will announcing the new GoPro Hero 3 Plus Silver and Black edition any day now. The new line of Hero 3+ cameras have some killer specs like 4K 30fps, 2K 120fps and an improved underwater housing. The size will stay the same as the Hero3 line. There are also a bevy of new AKS for the little beast. A tripod QR plate, new clamp mounting system and most importantly an IMPROVED battery! Pricing should be the same at around $399 US and availability could be any day now. Yee Haw!
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Here are the specifications of the Ambarella A9 chip used in the new Hero 3 Plus.Not confirmed.

Lewis Whyld has the new Hero 3+ using the Ambarella A7L Chip.

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4K Ultra HD H.264 Encoder
° High Profile with B-frames for high efficiency
Super High Frame Rate Modes
° 1080p120 and 720p240 for action videography
Advanced Imaging
° 700Mpixels/s oversampling performance
° Multi-exposure HDR and WDR tone mapping ° Electronic image stabilization (EIS)
° Improved MCTF with advanced sharpening
Advanced Imaging
° 700Mpixels/s oversampling performance
° Multi-exposure HDR and WDR tone mapping
Wi-FiTM Connectivity
° Remote viewfinder, playback
° Upload pictures and video to social media

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    You do realize it will be launched tomorrow and the Black will in fact not have upgraded fps? So no 4K?

  • GP

    No 4k at 30fps or A9 inside. That’s next years otherwise they would be calling it gopro hero4.