GoPro Hero 4 Specs Leaked. More Rumors?


GPH4-e1398740253202 has some “leaked” Specifications for the new GoPro Hero 4 camera. They have the new Ambarella A9 Chip rocking inside the new Hero 4. This would finally give us usable 4K footage and a huge increase in high speed capability up to 120 fps in 1080 HD.

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Here is a rip from the SportTechie Post.

“Though the current existence of the mysterious Hero4 is only alleged (there has been no official confirmation), the “leaked” Hero4 specs have already generated some well-deserved attention. As you can see from the table below, the newest generation took something great (the Hero3+) and made it even better.

Tech Spec Highlights GoPro Hero3+ (Black Edition) GoPro Hero4
4k (video) 15fps 30fps
1080p (video) 60fps 120fps
720 (video) 120fps 240fps
Megapixel Sensor (photo) 12MP 13MP

In addition to upping the frames per second (fps) in every category, it’s also rumored that the Hero4 may use the new A9 dual-core 1GHz system-on-chip (SOC) component. This SOC would come courtesy of Ambarella, and would handle any video resolution issues while also allowing for 4k recording with faster frame rates.

The reported 13MP sensor will have a new lens specifically for capturing footage in the dark, and will also have a remote viewfinder playback. How awesome would it be to see footage-playback without having to physically see the display of the camera?!”

Source: Sport Techie

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