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Congressman Bobby Scott Of Virginia

Here is a screen grab from our shoot in Washington DC.

As some of you may already know my mother has been in the hospital for the past week. She has regained consciences but is still in the ICU. She had a bad reaction to some medication and her salt levels dropped dangerously low. They are slowly coming back up and things are looking better. As you may also know I have been running a Kickstarter campaign to fund our documentary The Board Of Education. We have also been shooting interviews for the past month to put together a little trailer for Rep. Carolyn McCarthy to present to the US Senate to help gain support for her proposed bill against corporal punishment in US public schools.

Having our footage presented to the US Senate would be HUGE. I have been under the gun to get this in the can since we started dialog with Congresswoman McCarthy.

As you can imagine all this combined has been quite overwhelming. Something had to give and unfortunately it has been WOC. I apologize for not adding content daily as usual and we promise to have some killer content about the new Canon cameras and a few other surprises fairly soon.

What I really need from YOU is your help spreading the word about our project. We only have 13 days left to raise close to 20K. Impossible? Never! We can make this film together. Kickstarter is ALL or NOTHING. If we do not fully fund to 33K. We get Zip. All of this effort will go to waste.

Here is what I will ask of You, my loyal viewers. If you feel that this website or I have helped you in any way, shape or form. Please consider making a donation to our Kickstarter campaign. If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word!

Open a lemonade stand, pass the hat around at the next meet up, call your friends and family. Please do Anything to donate at the $10 level if that is all you have. We need numbers to gain momentum in these last two weeks. If we do not make our funding then this film will change dramatically. I have put a lot of my own personal money, sold my personal gear and done almost everything I can to support this project. Now I really need YOUR help. We can do this! The Board Of Education is going to be a ground breaking documentary. This is your chance to be a part of something that may in fact, make a difference.



Here is a link to our Kickstarter campaign. Please help however you can. Thanks!

Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
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    Right from where it counts man. If you don’t help out from reading this you are soulless.