Killer Kessler Crane Promo By Michael Sutton.


Michael Sutton AKA @MNS1974 on Twitter sent us this killer Kessler Crane Promo video. This is how all equipment manufactures should showcase their gear. I asked Michael for a little info about the shoot. Here is his response.

“I was asked by Eric Kessler to commission a lobby video for their office and for the upcoming Philip Bloom documentary on Kessler Crane. Eric wanted product shots in a style similar to how I shoot for Land Rover. I got to gather with a few friends (Hayes McCarthy, Ben Eckstein, Michael Flanagan and Nick Edgar) and we shot all the products Kessler currently makes on two sound stages (one in RI and the other in NH). We shot this several months ago but I asked Eric the other day if it was okay to put up an edit on Vimeo. He said of course so I spent Saturday evening from 1-4am cutting it on FCP X. Now I normally edit with FCP 7, Premiere CS5.5 or Avid Media Composer 6 but I do use FCP X for small projects that only take a few hours. I got a kernel panic on my mac pro just as I was about to submit it to compressor and lost the entire edit. No way to recover it. Project and Event files had disappeared. So I recut the entire thing Sunday afternoon in a few hours and posted it up on Vimeo”

Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • walker Bell

    That was painful. It reminds me of the snowboard and skateboard videos we get every week from kids looking to ‘work in the industry’  – when they don’t know a sizzle reel from a story.  I feel sorry for the receptionist who has to sit in their lobby all day.

  • Roelof Veenbaas

    Also hardly informative, not one sequence of what is shot with the crane&slider. And too fast to find out what is what, even after a second time watching. Gives me a headache. Maybe I’m too old to appreciate the shots. 😉  Poor receptionist indeed.

  • Charlessanson

    It is frenetic, but I guess it is obvious what each piece of equipment does…to proffessionals. It was so fast you could’nt tell what was being advertised. If the intent was to sizzle at least you should recognize the steak. All form no substance.

  • Charlessanson

    Maybe I should wear my slow motion glasses.

  • Steve M.

    I don’t think it’s all that bad, nor do I think the intent of this is to advertise. In my opinion, it’s more of an attention getter edit, no story, just eye candy, nothing wrong with that. How do you make jibs, sliders, cranes, interesting to the viewer? One approach, lots of moving shots rapidly cut together, which is what has been done here.