Mastor Tech Moto Gimbal Stabilizer For Smart Phones and DSLR’s.


Cheesy Cam has the scoop on some killer new gimbal stabilized mounts from Mastor Tech at Photo Plus Expo 2013. The killer new tech is not available until 2014. Mastor Tech has a few versions that will work with an iPhone up to a larger DSLR like the Canon 5D MK3. The Pronghorn looks like a full blown package with focus controls and wireless monitor. No mention of pricing yet.

Here is a rip from the Cheesy Cam post.

UPDATE on Pricing from Cheesy Cam. Thanks!!

PN1(for GH3)-$8,800
PN2(for Blackmagic pcc)-$8,800
PN3(for Canon 5D MarkIII-$10,000

Click here to check out Mastor Tech.

“Hanging with the GearAddix team at a recent visit to PhotoPlus NY 2013, we stopped by the Mastor Tech booth who was showcasing an entire line of motorized gimbal video stabilizers.

The largest Pronghorn PN1 3-Axis version includes joystick controls built into the handle for both Pan/Tilt, while three smaller 2-Axis hand held versions ( Sailfish SF1, Greyhound GR-1, and Cheetah CH1 ) all included a joystick for Tilt control (panning done by hand). The smaller versions offered are for the GoPro Hero cameras, Mobile Phones, and for cameras such as the RX100 or similar sized Point-n-Shoot cameras.”


GR1                           PN1 SF1

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