Please Read. Jim Smith Of WBZ Boston Needs Our Help!


Jim Smith WBZ Boston, MA.

I picked this up via Rick Macomber on Facebook. His co-worker Jim Smith could use our help. In times like these we need to band together as a community and do whatever we can to help out. Please consider a donation or at least help spread the word. We are working on an electronic link but for now please send checks or cash. Here is the email from Rick:

My long time colleague and friend here at CBS in Boston Jim Smith needs our help. Jim and I have worked side by side covering major news events for many years. Jim is a stand up guy. Ask any of the photojoiurnalists or producers who have ever worked with him or ask any of the people who have come in contact with him as a subject of one of his news stories.

We just found out that Jim’s 20 year old son has a cancerous brain tumor. And Jim is a freelance reporter – which means he only gets paid if he works. In addition he has limited health insurance to help him with the expenses that his family will incur in the coming months. Jim’s son has a long hard fight ahead. We here at CBS and the rest of Jim’s friends are all praying that things will work out. But what Jim and his family needs right now is our help. This is the time, right now… when social media can really have a positive impact on us all. When we can donate a few bucks – whatever we can afford – and feel like we did something good for someone.

So if you can find it in your hearts, please send a check made out to Jim Smith and mail it to:

CBS Boston
Attn: Jim Smith 
1170 Soldiers Field Road 
Allston MA 02134

About DP/Director and photojournalist Rick Macomber:
Rick is the winner of four Emmy Awards, nominated for eight Emmys in Videography and Editing and ten time first place winner for the Boston Press Photographers’ Association. His coverage of the Cambodian refugee camps in Thailand for CBS Boston has won him a prestigious Boston Press Photographers “Best of Show” award.  Rick has also covered major breaking news stories around the globe including 9-11 from Ground Zero in NYC and the 50th Anniversary of D-Day from the beaches of Normandy, France. He owns a production company MACOMBER PRODUCTIONS and is based in Boston


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