Snake River Prototyping Announces New BlurFix Air Line Of ND and Pola Filters For GoPro Cameras.



The good peeps over at Snake River Prototyping have announced a brand new crop of ND and Polarizer filters for  GoPro Cameras. These filters were designed to work without the underwater or skeleton housing. They weigh a mere 7.6 grams and should work well with gimbals and helicopter mounts. They line up includes an ND (ND4),  (CP) circular polarizer and a (ND8/CP) combo filter. All the filters simply attach to the lens housing of the GoPro Hero 3/3+. They are set to ship early next week.

Here is the updated price list.

BlurFix Air ND4  $35 US

BlurFix Air Circular Polarizer  $35 US

BlurFix Air ND8/CP  $55 US

BlurFix Air 3 Pack  $114 US

Here is a rip from the FB post.

Click here to check it out. 

“The BlurFix Air weighs in at 7.6 grams. We have tested several gimbals, however we cannot say they are safe for all gimbals or all that all gimbals will function. We ask that you contact the gimbal manufacturer or gimbal reseller to ensure adding 7.6 grams is recommended.”




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