Sony Nex 5N AVCHD 60P Conversion. Magic Bullet Grinder To the Rescue.


We have been testing out the new Sony Nex 5N camera for an upcoming documentary. The Sony Nex 5N will shoot 60P in 1920 X 1080. This is a first for a smaller interchangeable lens camera. Our first tests gave us some pretty bad results. We found that most of the problems lie within the transfer from 60P to 24P. To be more specific 59.94 FPS to 23.98 FPS. Here is a quick step by step process to get your AVCHD 60P footage to work with your system. We are using FCPX for this little exercise. It should work with other systems as well.

1. FCP will not recognize the AVCHD or .MTS files just yet so they have to be re-wrapped into .MOV files. Media Converter is a simple tool to do just that. Make sure that you are using the Re-wrap AVCHD for Quick Time-uncompressed audio (Available in the Media Converter drop down menu) You may have to select this option in the presets menu when you are first downloading the application from the website.

2. Now that you have .MOV files they have to be converted into ProRes files via Magic Bullet Grinder. It will also conform the files from 59.94 into 23.98 in the same step! This is a huge plus. Without MB Grinder you must go through Compressor or another conversion program to convert to ProRes files then bring it into Cinema Tools to conform from 60P to 24P. A huge pain in the ass!

I try and stay away from editing at all costs. However, to be an effective DOP it is important to understand the process. Magic Bullet looked way better and was much easier than Cinema Tools. At first, I was reluctant to spend any dough to convert this test footage. After testing both Cinema Tools and MB Grinder I would recommend spending the fifty bucks. It worked like a charm. A Special Thanks to Philip Bloom for the recommendation.

Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
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    Way better !

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  • Colin Hubick

    only problem with Grinder is that it will not detect the cadence of a 59.94 clip to be converted back to true 23.976. I don’t know why people keep saying it will….

  • Goforjared

    Hit them up via twitter @redgiantnews:twitter  
    they are super responsive there.

  • TK Brown

    Using premiere cs5 i was told that all that needs to be done is slow it down 40%? Im assuming u guys are jumping throu hoops because of FCPs incompatibility with avchd?