Sony Nex5N First Thoughts. It’s A Toy.


We have been re-tooling our camera systems here at Wide Open Camera the past two months over to mostly Sony cameras. We have the F3, just ordered the FS100 and got the Nex5N yesterday. My first impressions of the Sony Nex5N are not the best. It seems very delicate. There is no real Hot Shoe mount and it has the most annoying interface with “Happy Time” icons. The flip out screen looks like it will break very easily and the flash mount cover will also be gone in sixty seconds. However it is one super tiny APS-C sensor interchangeable lens camera. I grabbed it as a ultra portable and positionable B-Camera to go along with our FS100. I think it will be good for that. I might take it more seriously once I get some killer glass on this bitch. For now, it feels like a kids toy. Here is a rip from the Sony website. The Sony Nex5n retails for around $600 US.

“Mini marvel.

It’s all the performance of a DSLR in about half the size and half the weight. Get a perfectly pocket-sized 16.1MP interchangeable lens camera made for capturing beautiful stills on the go at up to 10 frames per second. Record in Full HD 1080/60p or 24p video, take astonishing pictures in low-light with the large Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor or get beautiful panoramic shots in 2D or 3D. Put control at your fingertips with the highly responsive, conveniently tiltable 3.0″ Live View touch screen LCD.”


Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Evan C. King

    It’s video mode has full manual control while in 60p and 24p right?

  • calebpike

    Lovin the content but could you please take 5 seconds and get WB correct? Its killin me.

  • J G Harding

    The hot shoe, icons and easy-to-lose cover don’t really bother me for the stuff I do, but I do worry about how robust it’ll be. I like to go fast, and sometimes I drop things.

    I’ve dropped the 550D plenty of times, it bounces and says “now what?” That rubbery plastic does wonders. So far it doesn’t look as though the NEX5n will do the same, but I s’pose there’s only one way to find out! The screen hinge doesn’t fill me with confidence though… hmm…

  • Hmoilanen2002

    If you drop a camera, you can’t really blame the manufacturer :)

  • J G Harding

    It’s true, and I don’t, but I do blame them if they make something that isn’t sufficiently durable, the result being that I don’t buy it!

  • Kevin

    I’ve never read anyone refer to a camera as “this bitch.” That cracked me up! It takes personalizing your cameras to a new level.

  • Le Tuan D

    if you drop a DSLR plenty of time your a moron ,  I have never dropped once mine , cause i value my thing , mostly its rich people who do stupid thing , like dropping a laptop , a ipad etc… people are brainless about the value of there item n make stupid excuse for there stupidness

  • Le Tuan D

    I am waiting for my 5N  , I personality love the lightness , the size n the luxury Sensor (hard to beat for low light) , the magnesium body with the aluminium lens is just extasy for the hand! sniff sniff its beautiful , grip wise it could be better for sure but i intend to do some mod, for better hold ,  its not as bad but compare to any DSLR yes its bad , cause its half the size of it so no wonder n no miracle here

    the aps sensorgive amazing color n dymanic wise its a game changer , it beat my 550D in which i still love n for feature hungry people , sony is hard to beat , 10fps photo , 1080p 60fps , tilt lcd , just to name a few

    now here come the price , 699$ with a kit lens , its affordable, while giving the best quality of any APS SENSOR ,  ON sale at 599$  , , they had it at  but they discontinued it , no idea why…

    Canada have 2 year warranty too , so ill be waiting for my x-mas gift

    ” sorry for my english i just wook up from a after-hours n it seem my brain cant follow me”

  • Annie Leibovitch

    Lamest review EVER! You have no idea what you are talking about! This is one fantastic little camera, and is absolutely filled with features, all of which work very well. It is NOT delicate, and as far as the happy time icons…what the hell are you talking about? It has multiple ways to display all the info, including histograms. You have to be looking at a different camera. Either that, or you are having a stroke or something.

  • Ok

    name one camera in the same price range that gives you better picture?
    there you go.

  • Dave Jones

    I own a Nex5n….  you are an idiot. Dave J.  u.k. user

  • Greg Vidito

    any idea how long it takes to recharge the battery?

  • Edhead

    Go to YouTube and search under Sony 5n and bbc. Watch the video, I think our opinion will change

  • Userany1

    Does saying “once I get some killer glass on this bitch” make you the kewlest at parties or what?
    You’re a world-class douchebag, guaranteed. I read your drivel and I’m embarrassed for you. It’s pathetic.
    Who calls a camera “this bitch”? God help anyone who spends more than four seconds around you.