Switronix Announces New P-Tap Battery Adapter For Panasonic GH2 Camera.


Switronix announced a new power cable for the Panasonic GH2. The XP-DSLR-GH2 adapter cable enables the use of P-Tap batteries with the GH2 camera. Finally a solution to the short battery life that is inherent with the smaller GH2 camera. There was no mention of price just yet. Here is the press release from Swtronix.

(July 27, 2011) – Long Island, NY – Announcing the XP-DSLR-GH2, the newest addition the Switronix’s line of versatile XP model DSLR cables. The XP model cables can be used in association with a Switronix accessory or used solo with a PRO-X series lithium-ion battery product. The cables features a regulated 9.2v connector jack for the OEM Panasonic (DMW-DCC8) Lumix DMC-GH2 camera with an inline female P-Tap connector for 12vdc, housed in an enclosure. The XP-DSLR-GH2 also includes both red and green LED indication to display status of battery power.

Input: DC 11-17v
Output for Camera: DC 9.2v, 3A
Output for P-Tap: DC 11-17v, Unregulated
Green LED Indication: Power input
Red LED Indication: Camera power output
Length: 48″

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