The Blackmagic Pocket Camera Review By Philip Bloom. Part 1.


Here is the first “real” review of the BMPCC by Philip Bloom. The camera shows promise, however there are some issues that need to be dealt with before they ship en masse. I was very excited about the potential of this little puppy. Now, I am not so sure.

Here is a rip from Philip Bloom’s website.

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“I will shortly be trying out various different kinds of glass with the camera and hopefully shoot some tests with and without the speedbooster, plus comparing frame sizes.

Amongst the things I will be looking at:

Image quality

Low light performance

Rolling shutter and moire issues

Battery life

Sensor size compared to BMCC

Speedbooster integration

Ease of use

Audio performance 

What it’s like to shoot with

How much gear you need to really make it work

Where it can fit into your camera arsenal

Can it work as your only camera?

and anything I can think of!”


Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.