The Sony Nex 5N Kicks The Red Scarlet’s Ass! TBOE Opening Sequence Footage.


Like the sensational headline? Just a kick in the pants to wake everyone up to this killer little camera from Sony. It’s not a Scarlet killer but we were able to get it in places that even a larger DSLR might have trouble. Not to mention only wasting away $600 plus the $275 lens, if it gets trashed. A Great little B camera, similar to the “B-Camera” Red Scarlet Right?
I would rather risk $1K than $10K for a Scarlet or even $2.5K for a DSLR. It will shoot 60P in 1080 X 1920 unlike the new Canon C300 at $15K plus! It really has a ton of features. Click here for DP review’s take.

I honestly bought it as part of my blogging gear stuff, etc but have totally fallen in love with it. It is so small and portable that I am inclined to have it in my hands all the time while shooting. It is also super cheap at around $600 for the body and $30 for an adapter. We have been using Contax primes and especially dig the Contax 28-70mm f3.5 here Beware! It’s a floating iris zoom lens. It’s ultra compact and has a great range for the size. It has gotten a beating out there in still photo land but for 2K video, it works just fine. Don’t believe all that crap out there about still lenses. It’s mostly pixel peepers dealing with RAW images not 2K video.
This was shot at 60P and cut in FCPX. Yes, I use that for these type of videos. It’s super fast and reliable so far. Don’t hate on X just yet. It’s the future of indie editing. I used Magic Bullet Mojo to color and slowed it down 50% in FCPX. I exported in H.264 because it really does not matter when you swing it on Vimeo and You Tube. It also takes up less space!
This little teaser footage from our opening sequence shows how easy it is to get dramatic looking footage with one single tungsten light. We used an Arri 300W Tungsten light with no diffusion to get the insane hard light action from the machines. that coupled with the craftsman’s hands makes for some killer opening content. The idea is to captivate the audience and keep them at the edge of their seat until the object is revealed. Then we start the movie. I’ll get a little BTS video up soon. Thanks for checking us out!

Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Dave (Ewan) Thomas

    Cool vid Jared. I bought my Nex on a bit of a whim to be honest! But I love it. The image is much cleaner than the 7D and 550D and I bought an SLR Magic 35mm F1.7 for it and it’s absolutely beautiful! I was filming in a cleanroom laboratory with it last week and it looks amazing in 50fps (I’m in the UK!). Simply stunning camera and a real game changer. Just need more lenses for it! 

  • Goforjared

    Try the #Contax lenses. Quite a decent range from 16mm-180mm in primes and a zoom or two as well. 

  • J G Harding

    I have a similar Zeiss zoom, the 28-85mm f3.3 – 4, it’s exceptional, about 800grams though so it’s heavy, but looks wonderful. Close focus is only 0.6m though and it’s a big filter diameter. What’s floating iris? Is it like floating element, or the same? One point lighting FTW too. Good post :)

  • Daniel Peters

    As you know Jared, I also love this camera.

    Was going to buy the A77 ..but found out besides the auto focus features which i don’t like anyways (manual man) there wasn’t any difference in specs for video between the 5N and a77.

    Here are some of my first test shots with the awesome, little, powerful sony nex5n:

    Sony NEX5N – footage test

    Sony NEX5N Low Light slow motion Test

    Sony NEX5N Twixtor Test

    Daniel imacanon (imasony, haha)

  • Steve

    That actually looks quite terrible.

  • Rob

    To a certain extent I have to agree. There’s some weird moire or something going on in the first shot which is very noticeable. Rolling shutter is pretty noticeable as well. Not terrible, but not too great either. 


    I was hoping for a little more creativity in this piece, it simply does not exemplify the true power of the camera… Your little “intro” was full of exposure clipping, rolling shutter and numerous amateur mistakes . Much like your Demo Reel. 

    Also, all your posts are incredibly tacky… “future of indie filmmaking” in reference to a particular software is naive and silly.

    Yawn, Jared Abrams…. yawn.

  • Anonymous

    The Canon FD 35-105mm at f3.5 constant goes for  $99 and looks amazing, has better range and opens wider, 

  • Drew

    Is there any way to conform the 60p footage for use with final cut pro 5.1.4?
    Been trying for three days now. Cinema tools says the 59.94 file has a bad framerate.
    Any ideas how to handle this footage. Please help.

  • Rg

    I’d like to know who your audience is that you’re trying to captivate.  When I first watched it I thought it was just some test footage with some terrible soundtrack bolted on.  I’d suggest that if you’re trying to keep viewers on the edge of their seat then you need a different approach, leaving the first shot on screen for over 40 seconds definitely doesn’t achieve this!

  • Mike RuggaBugga Moreau

    Very late to this discussion but all I can say is that the demo video must have been shot with the kit lens. A better (and faster) lens should have looked much better than that with the Nex 5N.