Zeiss Servo Controller For Compact Zoom Lenses. NAB 2014 First Look.


Carl Zeiss Lenses has announced a new servo controller for their zoom lenses. The control unit will work with Iris, Focus and Zoom. No pricing yet, should be available pretty soon. Here is a rip from the newsshooter.com post.

“Matt Allard talks to Helmut Lenhof about their prototype servo zoom unit for the CZ range. The unit will attach to existing lenses via a unique base plate, and have motors to control zoom, iris and an optional focus motor. Though you would need to buy a base plate for each of your lenses, you can quickly swap the motor unit, which makes the process far more affordable. The unit can be powered from the camera or an external power supply and features a stop-start control and adjustable speeds. The servo unit is expected to be available towards the end of the year, prices are still to be confirmed.”

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