Get Lit

Big Ass Light Test at EVS

Get Lit

  By: Chris Collins We decided to gather as many edison plug film lights and put them against one another.  We tested tungsten lights, LEDs, HMIs, and flourescents.  We...Read More

Get Lit: The LED Lights We Travel With

Get Lit

By: Chris Collins When we travel we do it light! We carry on everything, and lights go in the camera bag. We started using the Lite Panel Micro Pro...Read More

Get Lit: Super Easy 3-Point Lighting

Chris Collins / Get Lit

By: Chris Collins No need to complicate this one… I needed to isolate a conductor against a black backdrop. It’s a commercial so it needs to look clean, but...Read More

Chevy Volt: First Shoot Using Filmgear Lights

Chris Collins / Get Lit

Director Ilya Polyakov and I embarked on a journey to make the best Chevy Volt spot EVER! Actually, we were asked to shoot some footage for a stock photography...Read More

The Ladder: Hollywood’s Chain of Command

Chris Collins / Get Lit / Production

By: Chris Collins I came to Los Angeles with dreams of filming big names like Johnny Depp and Hugh Hefner. I wanted to see my cinematographer heroes like Roger...Read More

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