Jared Abrams

Sony Nex 5N ECM-SST1 Stereo Mic Test.

Cameras / Jared Abrams

Here is a little quick audio test we did with Hazel Estrella, one of our models for our Sony Nex 5N test shoot. The built in camera mic is...Read More

Sony Nex 5N And Two Hot Models.

Cameras / Jared Abrams

We wanted to have a little fun with our camera tests and getting really hot models in bikinis seemed like a great way to do it. On a whim...Read More

12 Essential Set Etiquette Tips. Mastering Film.

Cameras / Jared Abrams

  A good film set is like a well-oiled machine. All of the parts must work together for everything to go properly. Set procedure and etiquette are very important...Read More

Sony Nex5N First Thoughts. It’s A Toy.

Cameras / Jared Abrams

We have been re-tooling our camera systems here at Wide Open Camera the past two months over to mostly Sony cameras. We have the F3, just ordered the FS100...Read More

Basic Data Management With Evan Luzi From The Black & Blue.

Jared Abrams / Just the Cut

I picked this up via Visionwrangler on Twitter. This is a very basic data management video from Even Luzi of  The Black and Blue website. There is a ton...Read More

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