Just the Cut

Becoming a “Pro” Creative

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Being a professional means many things, but what it really boils down to is making a living doing a certain trade. I am a professional editor because I make...Read More

Why I’m not an Early Adopter – Adobe CC

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

I’ve had a Creative Cloud (CC) subscription to CS6 since it came out in 2012. I really like the subscription model, I get my money’s worth from it every...Read More

Kuler: Real World Color Sampling from Adobe

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

I enjoy color correction and appreciate the way color and light shapes real life and film. I often samples color from images for graphics in videos. A new app...Read More

The New Pro can be a Mac Cube

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

We all heard Apple is doing “something really different” with the new Mac Pro. That’s a terrifying prospect after what they did with Final Cut Pro. But I have...Read More

How I Share and Send Files With Clients – A New Edition to My Arsenal – ‘MinBox’

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

As an editor who usually works remotely, a big part of my job is delivering proofs to clients digitally and quickly. I’m always looking for easier ways to share...Read More

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