Just the Cut

CineGear 2013: Flying GoPros and iPhones Run Amuck, DSLRs Fading

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Another weekend of drinking on the Paramount lot has come and gone. For those of you who don’t know, Cinegear is a mini-NAB that has bars setup between the...Read More

Premiere Pro gets Lumetri Deep Color Engine and a boost from Speedgrade

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Speedgrade was a bit rough around the edges when it came to integration with Premiere in CS6 but it’s looking much more cozy with Premiere in Creative Cloud. Adobe...Read More

Audience Interpretation on Filmmaking and Storytelling

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

I love talking with people about their view on shows and movies. Everyone interprets things differently and finds different elements that stand out to them. It’s amazing how different...Read More

How Pro Cameras Should Implement HDMI

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

@Cinesota on twitter shared a link to an interesting product, protected and locking HDMI connectors by Neutrik. It seems like we can’t get rid of the HDMI port on...Read More

Flickr Gives a Terabyte to All Users, Still Max 3 Mins of Video

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Flickr just announced 1 TB of storage for all users. Absolutely bonkers, I’m moving my photos back over there soon and keeping most of them private. The average person...Read More

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