Just the Cut

Warp Stabilizer VFX: All New Features for Your Favorite Post-Stabilization Tool

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Warp Stabilizer is one of the most invaluable features in Premiere, and now it’s got a big brother in After Effects CC, Warp Stabilizer VFX. It lets you control...Read More

Colorgrade Your Film to Look Like a Summer Blockbuster!

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

Juan Melara gives a great tutorial on how to emulate that classic blockbuster blue-warm look. He starts of with some great example footage and comparison then dives in real...Read More

A workflow for shooting raw video on the 5D

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

While I still don’t think the 5D raw hack is worth taking onto professional gigs, I don’t blame people for being tempted to try it out. Do so at...Read More

360Hero – The GoPro Rig for panoramas and 360 video.

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

A pretty nifty looking little rig gives new life to your GoPro Hero2 or your nice new Hero3. With easy to use mounting and software to help you stitch...Read More

Why I Don’t Care About Raw Video from the 5D

Just the Cut / Nate Weber

The 5DIII now has raw video, so what? For me, it changes nothing. I have done the magic lantern thing with my T2i, it brought an impressive array of...Read More

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