Instant Hollywood Tech Lingo Dialogue at the Click of a Button

Nate Weber / Production

We all know Hollywood often plays it fast and lose when it comes to what any person can do with any given piece of technology. ShinyToyLabs made this silly...Read More

MicroGAFFER: Pocket-size gaffer tape for the Modern Production

Nate Weber / Production

Productions are getting smaller. Smaller cameras, smaller crews, stolen shots on public areas, are all commonplace. Gaffer tape is getting smaller too. MicroGAFFER is a product we’ve all kind...Read More

Audio Equalisation: How to use it and why you should


Audio Equalisation: How to use it and why you should I’m a filmmaker at heart, though my line of work has required that I delve into other facets of...Read More

Hybrid Vigor Film Kickstarter Project. Help Any Way You Can!


This is one of the hardest working projects I have ever seen. Please help support Hybrid Vigor. A feature film shot in Lativa with so much soul that I...Read More

Using Spec Spots to Land Real Jobs

Chris Collins / Production

By: Chris Collins Here at Wide Open Camera we like to take measures into our own hands.  That’s part of the reason I have been such a strong supporter...Read More

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