Using Spec Spots to Land Real Jobs

Chris Collins / Production

By: Chris Collins Here at Wide Open Camera we like to take measures into our own hands.  That’s part of the reason I have been such a strong supporter...Read More

Production Breakdown A Guest Post By: Karol Escobar


Karol Escobar will be joining the Wide Open Camera team for NAB 2012. Please welcome her to the WOC family! We have great expectations for her and are excited to...Read More

Rental Rates. Part 3 Of 3 Insurance, Day Rates And Rental Rates.


I started out working at a camera rental house called CSC in New York many years ago. I am a huge believer in renting equipment. I also recommend starting...Read More

Non Union Day Rates. Part 2 Of 3. Ins, Day Rates and Rental Rates.


It’s almost impossible to sum up years of experience, months of research and countless hours in the field into a simple day rate. Yet we are asked to do...Read More

Insurance, Day Rates and Rental Rates. Part 1 Of 3


Here is part one of a three part series on production basics for camera operators and new DOP’s. With the rise of the DSLR many camera operators and DOP’s...Read More

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