Shooting in Senegal (Part 1): Talent Comes First

Cameras / Chris Collins / Production

By Chris Collins: I came up in a film school where the DP was God. We would basically spend hours on one lighting setup for a 3 second shot....Read More

Getting away with it

Chris Collins / Production

Sometimes there’s a budget, and sometimes there’s not. I don’t mean, “there’s no budget. We only have like $20,000 to spend” no budget. I mean, no budget. But sometimes...Read More

How to Pay Your Crew

Chris Collins / Production

One of my favorite parts of producing is getting to pay my crew. The film business is, after all, just that--a business--and being able to help people pay their...Read More

Field of Gold: Grow as you Go

Cameras / Production

By: Chris Collins Passion projects… they’re demanding, they don’t pay well, they go on forever, and they yield the greatest rewards a filmmaker can reap. Perhaps the most demanding...Read More


@MNS1974 / Get Pimped / Production

In this column I’ve been trying to break away a little bit from the DSLR thing and focus more on filmmaking as a whole. As a director I really...Read More

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