Quicktake – Mini Cardellini to 1/4-20 Ballmount Adapter

Chris Collins / Quick Takes

By: Chris Collins

As a one-man-band DP or camera assistant it is extremely important to be ready for anything. A director may ask to place the camera in an odd overhead shot or you may need to rig a small LED light where the stand would be in frame. This cardellini-ballmount adapter will allow you to rig anything with a 1/4-20 thread (monitors, small lights, cameras) onto virtually anything.

I have used this cardellini 494 to rig a second monitor off the side of a handheld rig to pull focus; I’ve rigged an LED light from a tree branch; I’ve even rigged a camera to the handlebar of a hang glider and a BMW motorcycle. It has saved my ass on a number of occasions. It’s small, simple, and incredibly useful. I highly recommend adding an accessory like this to your kit. They are available at Filmtools.

Chris Collins
Chris Collins is a cinematographer living in Los Angeles who focuses mainly on documentaries and commercials.
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