AUDI Spec Commercial Spot

Just the Cut

I had a friend call me up and ask if he could hire me out for a night and shoot with my FilmTools car mount rig. He then mentioned that the star car would be a brand spanking new 2011 Audi A3 S Line. Needless to say I cleared my schedule for the night. We started shooting around 9pm and shot well into the early morning.

Rigging a camera in the trunk of a Charger. Looks like an ARRI 2C. Notice the speed rail on the front of the car.


Check out the video at the top of the page and be sure to stay for the end for a little homage to one of my favorite films lensed by the great William Fraker, ASC. The filmmaking community will definitely miss his contributions to cinematography. May he RIP.

Chris Marino
Chris Marino is a cinematographer based out of San Francisco. Being also an editor, he also writes about post production for the site. Most of his work has been on commercial spots and short narratives. Follow @chrisMmarino