CINEMA Picture Profile. Worth the money?

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This picture profile was so controversial on the onset of its launch just because of its name, EPIC. RED issued a cease and desist order to the creator, Giovanni Speranza, to stop advertising the name of the profile as EPIC. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. Anyway with a new name, CINEMA, the profile launched last week for the price of $19 USD. Check out the video as I compare it to Technicolor’s Cinestyle profile. Cheers and happy shooting!

**Update** Here is the 2:35 matte for those asking about it in the video.

Chris Marino
Chris Marino is a cinematographer based out of San Francisco. Being also an editor, he also writes about post production for the site. Most of his work has been on commercial spots and short narratives. Follow @chrisMmarino
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  • Sebastian TR

    Great post Chris , always good to consider other options – and in one sense it’s nice to have a somewhat filmic profile ready to go in addition to cinestyle (that punches in more in post) . Sometimes there are those occasions where you know your footage wont need a huge amount of grading.

  • Darryl

    Giovanni Speranza, Is the the first to charge $ for a Picture Style, LOL You Go Girl!
    And please allow any and all cease and desist orders ROLL :)

    Posted under: stupid if you bought it!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Darryl for taking the time to watch and post. Cheers!

  • Henry Ezra

    The other guy that sell his Picture Styles that so far I remember it is Kevin Wong but that’s a set of PS and specifically for still photography and price at 50USD.

  • Henry Ezra

    Yes he charged it 50USD but you always can illegally get it on net.

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  • Paul

    I bought it with the same rationale that it was only $19 and I was curious. However I have to say its not that impressive, when you take into account the amount of freely available profiles like Marvels and cinestyle that are FREE, the creator actually has a lot of nerve charging anything at all. I think he is a much better marketer than he is a profile creator – $19 is the golden price for ‘heck I’ll give it a whirl’. So really I’d suggest everyone spend their $19 elsewhere and stick with cinestyle or Marvels or similar.

  • Bayomobil

    Chris, you have gone to the extremes, this shot dynamic range is hard to pull out even for the film camera :) And about darkness, that is called underexposure :)

  • Anonymous

    Well… what can I say. Here goes: terrible review. Terrible music. OK style, but $9 would be a better price.

  • Steve Conry

    Hey, I see you brought the aspect ratio down near 2.35:1 for this video. I have been having trouble accomplishing this in premeire without just laying down a black matte across the bottom and top. Did you find a clean way to do this like the “widescreen” effect in final cut did?

  • Anonymous

    You do know that I did not make the picture profile. And its definitely great that picture profiles are subjective yeah? I mean its not religion… Your passionate response deserves a thanks though. I’m sure you’ll do well. Cheers!

  • Chris Marino

    I just made a matte in Ps and exported a png file. Adobe likes png files.

  • Chris Marino

    Of course. The shot was to the extreme indeed. Thanks for commenting.

  • Steve Conry

    Hey Chris, should i talk sh*t so i can get a response? :)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about that Steve. What I did was create a png file with the mask and preserved the transparency. I will link the png file at the end of the article.

  • Pgmlml

    I b ought it! I like the concept of turning magentas more blue but it added too much artifacts! I unlocked it and kinda solved the problem. This picture profile is based on the portrait default, with gamma down and with more saturated blues and shifted magentas! 

  • Jamie

     I too purchased this profile and love the look but for me I’d rather create the look in post because the blacks are too crushed and I much prefer the control that CineStyle offers. How did you unlock the profile?

  • Kabuto1138

     Hey Pgmiml, how did you unlocked this?  please share!!