CINEMA Picture Profile. Worth the money?


This picture profile was so controversial on the onset of its launch just because of its name, EPIC. RED issued a cease and desist order to the creator, Giovanni Speranza, to stop advertising the name of the profile as EPIC. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. Anyway with a new name, CINEMA, the profile launched last week for the price of $19 USD. Check out the video as I compare it to Technicolor’s Cinestyle profile. Cheers and happy shooting!

**Update** Here is the 2:35 matte for those asking about it in the video.

Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
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  • Sebastian TR

    Great post Chris , always good to consider other options – and in one sense it’s nice to have a somewhat filmic profile ready to go in addition to cinestyle (that punches in more in post) . Sometimes there are those occasions where you know your footage wont need a huge amount of grading.

  • Darryl

    Giovanni Speranza, Is the the first to charge $ for a Picture Style, LOL You Go Girl!
    And please allow any and all cease and desist orders ROLL :)

    Posted under: stupid if you bought it!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Darryl for taking the time to watch and post. Cheers!

  • Henry Ezra

    The other guy that sell his Picture Styles that so far I remember it is Kevin Wong but that’s a set of PS and specifically for still photography and price at 50USD.

  • Henry Ezra

    Yes he charged it 50USD but you always can illegally get it on net.

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  • Paul

    I bought it with the same rationale that it was only $19 and I was curious. However I have to say its not that impressive, when you take into account the amount of freely available profiles like Marvels and cinestyle that are FREE, the creator actually has a lot of nerve charging anything at all. I think he is a much better marketer than he is a profile creator – $19 is the golden price for ‘heck I’ll give it a whirl’. So really I’d suggest everyone spend their $19 elsewhere and stick with cinestyle or Marvels or similar.

  • Bayomobil

    Chris, you have gone to the extremes, this shot dynamic range is hard to pull out even for the film camera :) And about darkness, that is called underexposure :)

  • Anonymous

    Well… what can I say. Here goes: terrible review. Terrible music. OK style, but $9 would be a better price.

  • Steve Conry

    Hey, I see you brought the aspect ratio down near 2.35:1 for this video. I have been having trouble accomplishing this in premeire without just laying down a black matte across the bottom and top. Did you find a clean way to do this like the “widescreen” effect in final cut did?

  • Anonymous

    You do know that I did not make the picture profile. And its definitely great that picture profiles are subjective yeah? I mean its not religion… Your passionate response deserves a thanks though. I’m sure you’ll do well. Cheers!

  • Chris Marino

    I just made a matte in Ps and exported a png file. Adobe likes png files.

  • Chris Marino

    Of course. The shot was to the extreme indeed. Thanks for commenting.

  • Steve Conry

    Hey Chris, should i talk sh*t so i can get a response? :)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about that Steve. What I did was create a png file with the mask and preserved the transparency. I will link the png file at the end of the article.

  • Pgmlml

    I b ought it! I like the concept of turning magentas more blue but it added too much artifacts! I unlocked it and kinda solved the problem. This picture profile is based on the portrait default, with gamma down and with more saturated blues and shifted magentas! 

  • Jamie

     I too purchased this profile and love the look but for me I’d rather create the look in post because the blacks are too crushed and I much prefer the control that CineStyle offers. How did you unlock the profile?

  • Kabuto1138

     Hey Pgmiml, how did you unlocked this?  please share!!