How to: Final Cut Pro 7 to After Effects CS5 for grading

Just the Cut

This is my first try at a live demo showing how you can move your sequence from Final Cut Pro 7 to After Effects CS5. Also I will show you my workflow for grading my upcoming short feature “The 90 Minute Lunch”. I have been teaching myself AE as I go. So enjoy and please leave comments for critique for the next one.

Chris Marino
Chris Marino is a cinematographer based out of San Francisco. Being also an editor, he also writes about post production for the site. Most of his work has been on commercial spots and short narratives. Follow @chrisMmarino
  • Perryblunt

    so how do u get back to fcp now

  • Kim

    Would you recommend using magic bullet looks or colorista ll in after effects instead of premiere pro?

  • Christopher Marino

    Well with the dynamic linking in the PPro and After Effects you can send any clip to be a comp in AE. I like the flexibility of using AE with the use of masking, tracking, keyframing, etc. 

  • Christopher Marino

    You render out the comp from After Effects in the file format your FCP sequence is in. In this case it was ProRes422 LT. Then import that into FCP and you’re good. Although it does compress all tracks to one file, so revisions and fixes will have to be rerendered. This is why I made the switch to PPro CS5.5

  • Jslopezmaas

    Hello Chris, I follow exaclty your instructions, and i got this message:Unable to execute script at line 186.
    After Effects error. Unable to call “addCOmp” because of
    parameter 5. Value 25252 out of ragne greater-than0 to 10800. So i don’t know what to do……you have any suggestions?