In case you missed it


Not too long ago, around the middle of April amongst the NAB craze, Canon quietly released the new EOS E1 Log & Transfer Plugin. You can read my article about the features and why editors on a FCP workflow should consider it useful here. The thing about it is that it was not released on the Canon USA website. The version listed is a version behind the current one. I had to dig for it on the Canon Europe site buried in a swath of menus to find the new one. Well, the new version, Version 1.2 is a greatly improved update. With the new one you do not have to keep intact the CF card’s root file structure. See below:

Example of CF card file structure

This specific structure needed to be maintained if you wanted to use the L&T feature in FCP. Now with Ver. 1.2 you may import “” files from anywhere on the card or from an external HDD. So if your 2nd AC or data wrangler forgets to maintain this structure on a shoot you’ll be o.k. in post to use the metadata and time-code features that the plugin offers.

In case you missed it.

Canon EOS E1 Log & Transfer Plug-in Ver. 1.2

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