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This week I had some off time so I decided to do some very non-fun things. House cleaning. Yeah sometimes you have to do that if you want to be considered a functioning member of society. So after going through some storage boxes I discovered an old camera of my Dad’s that I didn’t know I had. It is a Bell & Howell T20 XL 8mm camera. You can read more about it with the link provided. It has a short zoom lens with a paddle button for the servo. Another funky thing about it is that its a free focus lens, shoots at 18fps, at a 225 degree shutter angle. I think the coolest thing was to find an unprocessed cartridge of Kodachrome 40 inside. I will be processing the film next week and see if there is anything salvageable on it. Being from 1981 I figure it will be very interesting to see what my Dad thought was important to roll film on. Enjoy the short silly video. Cheers!

Chris Marino
Chris Marino is a cinematographer based out of San Francisco. Being also an editor, he also writes about post production for the site. Most of his work has been on commercial spots and short narratives. Follow @chrisMmarino
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