New Zacuto bits to control your accessories.

Just the Cut

I just recently came across some cool new Zacuto parts that I think will be a worthwhile addition to any kit. It really doesn’t matter what camera system you are using with these pieces either. Having been tested on DSLRs and the Sony Fs100, I really dig the new way Zacuto thought out mounting accessories to your camera. There was quick moment before the client arrived so Alex Walker and I had time to sneak a video in. The pieces reviewed are the Zamerican Large Arm V3, Zicromount, Zicro Mini, the Zicromount III, and the 1/4-20″ Lens Support. A huge thanks to Rod Clark from Zacuto. Cheers and enjoy.

Chris Marino
Chris Marino is a cinematographer based out of San Francisco. Being also an editor, he also writes about post production for the site. Most of his work has been on commercial spots and short narratives. Follow @chrisMmarino
  • Jeremy Widen

    Digging the thumb tape Chris. Great video, thanks for the review. Now there’s more crap I want to get.

  • Anonymous

    How did you know I was cussing out 1/4-20 accessories all weekend… Can’t quickly do anything with it!