Genus Products BMD Cinema Camera Combat Cage by @MNS1974


A few weeks ago I was visited by Genus Products and they asked me to become a designer for them based on my MNS1974 Combat Cage for the TS3Cine camera.  The idea was that I would have a product ready to show at IBC in Amsterdam.  I said no problem and drew up a few examples and worked with my machine shop to come up with a prototype.  After a few changes a prototype was machined.  Here are the details.

The design is simple.  The BMD Cinema Camera has vents on the bottom of the camera which the Genus Card addresses and provides for fluid airflow.  The cage has provisions for side handles which I call Combat Grips that mount via standard Arri Rosettes.  These handgrips and stand offs can be removed for a flat surface top that allows for car rigging etc.  The top plate has 3/8″ 16 and 1/4″ 20 holes as well as a cable pass thru on port side to allow for cable tethering and relief, etc.  There are two 1/4″20 tapped holes on each end of the top plate that allows for secondary plates that will be available in the near future as well as for extra mounting options. These extra mounting options allow for monitor arms, RAM mounts, etc.  The stand offs can also be inverted if needed to get a lower profile or if rigging and handheld options are needed.

The bottom plate has provisions to lock into the camera base unobstructed and allows for tripod mounting with 1/4″20 and 3/8 16″ and tripod locator pin.  The bottom plate has plenty of tapped holes for rigging of all kinds like base plates, shoulder rigs, etc.

The front ring on the front allows for structural integrity as well as mounting options for things like monitor arms, secondary battery plates, etc.  It is lightweight but gives strength to the cage.

The top handle is lightweight and has 1/4″20 and 3/8″16 holes and is hollow on the inside.  It can be mounted almost anywhere on the top plate as well as in reverse mode to counter balance lens weight.

The cage will be offered in a few configurations.  basic cage: Top plate, bottom and front.  Basic cage with a top handle.  Basic cage with top handle and one side handle.  Basic cage with top handle and two side handles;



If you are in Amsterdam for IBC, please check it out as it is being shown by Genus at the IBC exhibition in Hall 11on the Alphatron stand, number B.40

Would love to hear your feedback etc.  Thanks.

Mike Sutton

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  • Nino Leitner

    Looking good, where does the battery go if I want to use a V-mount or Anton Bauer?

  • Anonymous

    As much as I like the looks of this cage, I don’t quite get the purpose of 1/4-20 holes in the ring around the lens.