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Constantly dealing with camera gear and constantly being disappointed with tools out there, we decided to design our own. Check out some simple tools but essential for every kit that we’ve designed, based on our daily needs.


Meet the brand new Wide Open Camera Mount for All GoPro cameras. We worked with Snake River Prototyping to bring this bad boy to you. The base and arms can work with all GoPro cameras. The mount is modular and can work as a base unit only or with one or two arms to mount in various positions. The base retails for $45 US and the arms are $23 each.


Free Shipping in the USA ONLY!

    International orders are an additional $25US for USPS priority shipping. Please contact us for any specific requests. Thanks!.
    Complete Kit Only For Now.




Additional Information


– CNC machined billet aluminum
– Hard anodized for ultimate durability
– Multiple 1/4″-20 threaded holes for mounting in a variety of orientations
– One 3/8″-16 threaded hole on the bottom
– Side access to Hero3/Hero3+ button, memory card and USB/HDMI connectors
– 1-1/4″ no thread hole for male bolts or wood screws to almost anything!
– Wrench and caps screws included


WOC GoPro Camera Mount

Coming Soon




The BlurFix3™ SO Naked slips over the GoPro® Hero3 housing and allows you to mount 55 mm filters to your camera! This adapter is precision CND machined our of Delrin® which is more expensive than billet aluminum but flexible enough to allow for a precision clipping mechanize. This is the same frame that is sold with the “BlurFix3 SO Featuring the CYD Dome filter by URPRO” only without a dome filter.

Note: Camera and filters sold separtately. Not compatible with the Hero or Hero2.


BlurFix3 Micro 52

Now you can adapt 52 mm filters to your Hero3 camera when using your camera without it’s housing! This adapter was made for weight critical applications. You can mount a Neutral Density filter on your Hero3 while flying your quadcopter to minimize or eliminate the “Jello Effect”. This adapter is precision CNC machined out of Delrin(R) for ultimate durability.
ATTENTION: Installation and removal of the BlurFix3 Micro 52 are done at your own risk. Snake River Prototyping is not responsible for any damage to your camera that results from use of this product. Caution during installation and removal is advised.

The fit of the BlurFix3 Micro 52 varies slightly from camera to camera. If the desired fit is too loose, thin tape may be placed on the outside of the camera lens body to act as a shim. Use caution as damage to the lens body may occur.
DO NOT rotate the adapter as damage to the camera lens body may occur. Remove the adapter by pulling on it without rotating. Only press the BlurFix3 Micro 52 on as far as necessary so that it does not fall off during normal use.


BlurFix3 SO 55mm Filter Pack

All 55 mm filters are ultra-low profile to limit vignetting in all Hero3 video and camera modes. This filter and BlurFix3 SO Naked combination pack is ideal for general aviation, motorsports, snowsports, paragliding, fishing — any sport requiring the reduction of glare or the desire for forcing a slower GoPro® Hero3 shutter speed.



Free Shipping in the USA ONLY!



Additional Information


– Allows you to mount a 52mm or 55mm filters to your Hero3
– Compatible with “The Frame” mount from GoPro®
– For use with the Hero3 without the housing for lightweight applications (i.e. RC multi-rotor & aircraft)
– For use with external microphone (i.e. pilot headset in aircraft)
– Easy friction fit
– CNC Machined Delrin®

Testing Notes:

No vignetting observed in any mode below water using the ultra-low profile URPRO color-correction filters (CY, GR, and SWCY) available from SRP. There is vignetting in 960p WIDE video mode and photo mode above water with these filters, although they are intended for below water use only. The magnification factor under water removes the vignetting underwater in all modes. 

For above water use, the ultra-low profile Marumi CPL, ND4, and ND8 filters offered by SRP will have mechanical vignetting in 960p WIDE video mode and photo mode. Depending on the camera there is little or no vignetting in the WIDE WVGA, 720p, 1080p, and 1440p modes. Off-the-shelf 55 mm filters have not been tested by SRP, however, due to their high profile we anticipate that these filters vignette in all modes. We have tested the BlurFix3 SO on a variety of GoPro(R) Hero3 White, Silver, and Black cameras. The above observations were made using this small sample lot of cameras and Snake River Prototyping will make changes to our vignetting guidance, if necessary, after further testing and customer feedback.


Coming Soon



Zip Tie Lens Gears & Wide Open Camera Universal Lens Gears.

Half Inch Rails has chosen Wide Open Camera as the exclusive U.S. distributor of their new line of very inexpensive lens gears. We will be selling them in sets of three S,M,L one of each size for $45. We now offer single sizes in sets of three. We also offer single lens gears in each size. The lens gears attach to the lens with zip ties. We have added a metric chart and a sample lens chart for your convenience. The WOC one size will easily work on most AF lenses as they have a very short throw. We have added individual sets of each size in the “Size Options” menu above the cart button for your convenience. Zip ties are included.

* We are donating a portion of the proceeds of the HIR Lens Gears to The American Red Cross.*

Lens Gears:


  • Available in 5 sizes including the New Mini
  • Design to work with any Follow focus.
  • Standard 0.8 film pitch mod 32 Gearing.
  • Small Size is 8.25 inches long X 0.35 inches wide.
  • Zip tie fasteners included.

HIR Lens Gear Size Options

Size Options

Adjustable Gears:


  • Universal Zip gear design to fit most still lenses.
  • Zip tie fasteners included.
  • Works with most follow focus systems on the market.

WOC Adjustable Lens Gear Options



Additional Information

Zip Tie Lens Gears

– Small=7.28 Inches

– Medium=8.27 Inches

– Medium Plus=9.25 Inches

– Large=10.04 Inches

– One Size= 11.25 inches
Free Shipping In The U.S.A.
Item Ship Within 2-5 Business Days.


Zip Tie Focus Gears

Video Video




Sony NEX 5N Cameras Cold Shoe Adapter

We have a limited supply of these cold shoe adapters for the Sony NEX 5N camera. The adapter is made of aluminum with a black hard coat anodizing that is scratch resistant. One small set screw is included with a velvet carry pouch. The WOC Sony NEX 5N cold shoe adapter is $35.00 US with free shipping for US customers only.

NEX 5N Cold Shoe Adapter


  • shoe adapter works for the Sony NEX 5N camera
  • black hard coat anodizing that is scratch resistant
  • The adapter is made of aluminum




3-Sony NEX 5N Cameras Cold Shoe Adapter






The Zoom has a large pocket with multiple adjustable velcro compartments for your electronics three smaller front zip pockets iPad and laptop pouches and side mesh pockets.



  • The Zoom has a large pocket with multiple adjustable velcro compartments
  • three smaller front zip pockets
  • iPad and laptop pouches
  • side mesh pockets

Airbac Focus DSLR







  • Absent_ending

    do you guys do express shipping within the us?

  • Paul Golden

    Can you guys list out the exterior circumferences (or lengths ) for each of the sizes of the HIR lens gears?  SML is not very informative.  

  • Planetearth

    How do you get information here. Don’t know how to size for my lenses without any details on the product. No contact number either. Little hard to order these if you don’t know what is right for your lens. 

  • marcjef

    Is there a way to get expedited shipping on lens gears?
    I have a shoot this week (Tues- it’s Saturday now).
    I cannot find any contact info for the estore.
    – MJ

  • marcjef

    Well, seeing as how you posted this a month ago…
    I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath on getting a response.
    I ordered the basic set to test out. They are good but took
    over a week to receive. At $18 a pop, you guys should be a little
    more responsive.

  • marcjef

    Amazon is same price individually, but no 3 for $45 deals.
    Also no way to tell what shipping options are there either.

  • marcjef

    An Amazon checkout test says the only option is 3-5 days at
    $4.50 to ship one gear.

  • Jared Abrams

    Sorry that we missed this. We can ship via paypal purchase on our site. Filmtools also has them if you need expidated shipping.

  • adi

    Lens Gears arrived today. Real quick delivery to Switzerland. The One Size Fits all really fit on my lenses. So I can change real quick fm FollowFocus Mode to Freehand. Chapeau!

  • marcjef

    how about in LA? is there a local retailer?

  • Jeremy Widen

    Agreed. I got a set of these, and they really help. I also got the red ones, so it’s really easy to tell my lenses from others when I work on multicam sets.

  • Goforjared

    Filmtools and Birns and Sawyer.

  • @BrentwGraham

    I’d like to get some lens gears before next weekend. Is there a retailer in Austin Texas?

  • Terry

    I have several of these gear rings in red but I I need a slightly narrower gear for one of my lenses. Does the med+ come in red?

  • Goforjared

    no only the WOC gear is red. Sorry about that. 

  • Ingvild Røverdatter


  • Derick

    Did you guys take the sizing chart for the lens gears off your website? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. What size lens gear would you recommend for the Canon 50mm f1.4 or f1.8? How does shipping normally take? Thanks!

  • Derick

    Did you guys take the sizing chart for the lens gears off your website? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. What size lens gear would you recommend for the Canon 50mm f1.4 or f1.8? How does shipping normally take? Thanks!

  • Tim

    I was looking for a gear system that was low-profile so the lenses would still fit into my travel case.  I’m glad I found your company and the Zip Tie Focus Gears.  I wanted to add my three lenses to the list:
    Nikon 17-55 f/2.8 – M+ Lens Gear
    Nikon 28-70 f/2.8 – WOC Adjustable Lens Gear (just snip off the last 3 teeth)
    Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 – WOC Adjustable Lens Gear (just snip off the last 3 teeth)
    And thanks for your super-quick delivery too.

  • Ryan W.

    Any kind of deal if I am buying a 3 pack of the adjustable lens gears, an ND fader and Polarizing fader?

  • Bob

    Hi guys…i have a Zeiss ZF.2 lens set (25,35,50,85 – 25/35/50 are 58mm and 85 is 72mm diameter) and i want to know which ones to purchase. I want the wider lens gear as possible, not the thinner.  Can i fit the wider in my 58mm diameter lenses? Is that an option, the ”one size fits all zip gear”? Is this possible to fit also? thanks

  • Leonpierri

    anyone to answer the question? I want to know about it also..

  • Familyaffairdenver

    I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange for the right one if I pay for shipping back to you?

  • Goforjared

    Yes. It will work on that lens. Sorry for the late reply.

  • Ploko

     Hey, I just bought several Medium + gears and some bonehead put Large gears in the packaging instead. They don’t fit and now I have to waste a day braving LA traffic for 3 hours to return them to Film Tools.

    Not too happy about that…

    Both packages were mislabeled, these are 10.04″. You might want to check inventory to prevent other people from having their day ruined as well…

    I bought one Universal as well but it’s too wide to work on all but one of my lenses.

  • Stamm

    i am looking for the same question answered.  i Ordered the wrong size, i did not notice the additional information tab. can I exchange for the right one if I pay for shipping back to you?

  • Allprohd

    Bought them at BH and really like them! Got the wide ones and they work perfect for all canon L zooms and primes and all Zeiss ZF primes. Nice product.

  • scott

    Do you have all the lens gear sizes in stock? Film Tools carries them but are out of some sizes and have waited weeks to get them from you. I’d order them here but if you don’t have in stock there’s no point. Is there an actual email contact for your company? Doesn’t seem to be one and most of the postings below have never been answered. Concerned. Thanks.

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  • Michael

    Hi – I have a Panasonic Vario 12-35mm. Which lens gear do you recommend? Thanks. 

  • Michael


  • anas


  • Josef Geiger

    What is the measurement of the size mini zip tie gear? Thanks! Josef

  • Gianmarco

    Hi I have a zeiss 100mm, I would like to know could work my lens size because it has a long run of focus. Thanks for the attention.

  • Black Tie productions

    This is the second time I tried to order the mini and they sent me a medium sized. If you don’t have the size then email me and tell me don’t just send me another size gear. WILL NOT BE COMING BACK.

  • Oggy

    WOC are clueless and arrogant f*ckwits. WHY NO INTL SHIPPING MORONS????

  • goforjared

    Sorry to hear that you got the wrong size, please contact us at and we will send the correct size lens gear.
    The WOC Team

  • goforjared

    We offer international shipping, please contact us at if you are having trouble with the order.
    The WOC Team

  • goforjared

    We stack two one size lens gears together and that works for the long throw 100mm macro lens.
    The WOC Team

  • goforjared

    Please contact us at for info or questions.
    The WOC Team

  • goforjared

    58mm front? The mini one size should work for that lens.
    The WOC Team

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  • JeffDeMello

    It would be helpful if you published a simple chart showing what zip tie size fits what CIRCUMFERENCE of lens’. Thanks!

  • BenHud


    Do you have a place in Los Angeles i can go to purchase the zip tie focus gears?


  • Matt

    Hi there keen to purchase 4 x WOC Adjustable Lens Gear Black to be sent
    to New Zealand, but $45US seems really expensive for small light items. Are you able to
    send via a cheaper postage company? My PAYPAL is if
    you want to send invoice. thanks heaps

  • Tom

    Just ordered a set of lens gear. Got tracking info within the hour! Thumbs up for the snappy service.

  • evL

    Will the Wide Open Camera Mount work for the Hero 4? And what keeps the camera housing held in? Compression?