Quick Take. D|Matte 4×4 Clip On Matte Box. $250

Quick Takes

Here is a Quick Take on the new 4 x 4 D|Matte clip on matte box. It has two tray-less filter holders. There is one rotating stage that will work well with a polarizer. The filters are held in place by two tabs. The clip on version uses an 86mm adapter ring. The D|Matte retails for around $250 and the sunshade and a Fotodiox 82-86mm adapter ring are included. As you can see in this demo, it is a very sturdy and light weight piece of gear. We were impressed with our Chris Collins weight test. Click here to check it out on the D|Focus website.

Here is a rip from the manufactures website.


Made of durable ABS plastic and aluminum
Two 4 x 4 filter slots, one rotating
Very lightweight
Clip on design, rail mount option coming soon
Adjustable French Flag included
One year limited warranty.

Misa Garcia
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  • http://dslrvideoshooter.com calebpike

    You guys are killing me. TOO quick of a take. No weight info? No example of filter use? Not even a shot of it on a DSLR?

  • http://twitter.com/EricDiosay エリック Diosay

    That’s it? I blink and the take is over? Would love a longer take showcasing the box mounted on an 80mm ring and DSLR. 

  • Mrk177

    Fuck this blog

  • Guest

    not to mention some EF lens mounts can’t handle having it attached. for instance, my 50mm 1.4 canon EF lens can’t focus while this thing is attached. It’s too heavy to allow the lens to do its job.