AVID Media Composer 6 Preview: Part 1


Today is the day. With Canon and RED sucking up all the limelight for this day you could have not known about this new AVID release. Well it’s here and packed with new features that make it better than ever. If you have been lamenting with the thought of what NLE to use after FCP 7 ceases to be relevant, FCPX makes you shudder, and Premiere Pro is not for you; this is what you’ve been waiting for. A good friend of mine, Alex Walker, is an AVID trainer/tester and has been working closely with them on feedback for their beta releases. Enjoy the video from him above going over some of the great new features in this version. Below you can find a bulleted list of what’s new in MC 6.


1. www.avid.com: www.avid.com will be updated with the announcements surrounding the new version 6 and 10 editing applications – Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and NewsCutter 10 starting November 3, 2011.

2. Product Availability: Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and NewsCutter 10 new units and upgrades will be available for pre-order or purchase from Avid directly, Avid resellers, and the Avid Online Store. Below are the pre-order and ship dates depending on where you buy:

– Pre-orders: Starting on November 3, 2011 customers can pre-order new Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and NewsCutter 10 product or upgrades to Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and NewsCutter 10 from Avid directly or an authorized Avid Reseller.
– Avid Online Store: Starting on November 15, 2011, new Media Composer 6 product and upgrades as well as the Symphony 6 upgrade will become available for purchase and download on the Avid Online Store..
– Shipping Product: Starting on November 17, 2011, new Media Composer 6, Symphony 6, and NewsCutter 10 product orders and upgrades will begin shipping from Avid directly or from an authorized Avid Reseller.

3. Key Announcements:

• Rebuilt from the core 64 architecture
• Modern sleek and efficient User Interface
• Full industry-defining stereoscopic workflows
• Avid Marketplace with on the fly access to footage and plug-ins
• Avid Artist Color support for high performance color correction
• Support for AJA, Blackmagic, Matrox, Bluefish, MOTU products
• AVCHD and RED Epic with AMA
• DNxHD 444
• Apple ProRes encode
• 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound with Pro Tools AAF exchange, and Dolby E support
• New dual chip DNxHD or AVC-Intra Nitris DX box for full res stereoscopic 3D
• Buy Avid Nitris DX and Mojo DX without software for easy expansion
• Significant price reductions make Avid hardware more attractive than ever
• Symphony is now available as a software only solution – perfect for high end color at an indy price
• NewsCutter is now the same price as Media Composer
• Choose software only and hardware only solutions, or bundle for great price/performance
• Avid Open I/O makes Media Composer compatible with AJA, Blackmagic, Matrox, Bluefish and MOTU – easy to add it to existing hardware setups
• A planned price permanent FCP cross grade, price $1499 US MSRP
• Inclusion of Sorenson Squeeze, Avid DVD, and Avid FX in all products

4. End of Life – Hardware and Software:
Several Avid Products are End of Life with this release include Nitris Classic and Adrenaline which were EOL a few months back.

• Nitris Classic EOL – Symphony 5.5 was the last supported release. Hardware Support will continue for 5 years and Avid support will still be available for purchase
• Media Composer and NewsCutter Adrenaline / Mojo SDI EOL with Media Composer 5.5/NewsCutter 9.5 was the last supported release. Hardware Support will continue for 5 years and Avid support will still be available for purchase (Adrenaline Only)
• 32-bit Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter with Media Composer 5.5, Symphony 5.5 and NewsCutter 9.5 being the last versions of the 32-bit Application
Downloadable PDF version here.

Video edited using Avid MC6 native H.264: http://vimeo.com/31395353

Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.