Why Not To Get The Canon 1DX For Video.


Today Canon announced the new Canon 1DX stills camera. It has a ton of great features for both video and stills, however I do not think this is THE camera for video. Canon has a reputation of releasing pro still cameras first then cheaper models will follow with improved features. This camera retails for $7K US. I suspect we will be able to get a XXXD or TXi in the near future with similar features. Here are a few reasons to not get this camera for video.

1. The form factor is all wrong. Most of the available accessories were made for 5D/Rebel size DSLR’s.

2. The battery system is not the same as 5D/Rebel line. They are almost 2X the price.

3. No 60P at 1080 X 1920. For a sports orientated camera this is a major fail.

4. Only slightly improved CODEC. Still in H.264 world.

5. Too big to sneak shots without permits. Try convincing a cop that you are just a tourist.

6. Cheaper models with similar features to follow.


Jared Abrams is a cinematographer based in Hollywood, California. After many years as a professional camera assistant he switched over to still photography. About two years ago a new Canon camera changed the way the world sees both motion and still photography. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • http://twitter.com/5tuartHooper Stuart Hooper

    If it’s really completely intra-frame, the codec is a hell of a lot more than SLIGHTLY improved.

  • Jared

    Such a let down! Does this impact the Mark3 release in any way?

  • http://twitter.com/plockerman Patrick Lockerman

    Great quick review and I agree, photography first and video second with this camera. The no 60p at full res is a shame and pretty much keeps it out of the more serious film/video users hands. At $7k you really have to love Canon. 

  • Goforjared

    Are we still stuck at 4:2:0 ? I can’t find any good info on that. Not impressed if that is the case. Would have loved at least 4:2:2!

  • http://twitter.com/hmcindie Mikko Löppönen

    Canon 720p/60 is better than Sony NEX-5n’s 1080p60 because the Sony completely breaks up even in moderate motion.

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  • Anonymous

    it’s a FAST, FULL FRAME, STILL camera, not a video camera. For someone who wants a Full Frame fast shooter and superb autofocus. It’s not marketed as a video camera. It just so happens to

  • Jwawro

    Seem like a killer still camera, but I agree this may not be the right tool for video work.  Can’t wait to see what’s coming in November

  • Brandon

    Well Most of the flagship cameras aren’t exactly meant for video camera.  Video is just a bonus.. Plus if you can afford this camera, then why don’t you buy something like an XF305 or something.  But this is still a STILL camera, as cooperleeray has stated.  So… unfortunately.. 1Dx= NOT a video camera.  That’s the point with DSLRs.. meant for picture while video is always a bonus..

  • http://twitter.com/Sebastian_TR Sebastian TR

    Good points, especially no 1080/60p. Although I thought I read somewhere that the 1DX will take 5D batteries in addition to the new longer life ones?

  • Goforjared

    Do you have any links to support this. I have found the Sony Nex 5N 60P to look quite good. 

  • http://twitter.com/quintessential Eric Harnden

    I’d ra

  • http://twitter.com/quintessential Eric Harnden

    I’d rather spend $6800 on a couple t3i’s and some good lenses and accessories! But that’s just me….

  • ninja

    If you complaining about this professional camera for video then you are and Idiot.
    Get a video camcorder

  • http://www.paul-d.tv/blog Paul D

    Here’s my ‘hands on’ preview of the EOS 1D X:


  • Tobyloc

    I don’t know, no line skipping full HD, high bitrate intra, weather sealed, dual card, full frame, exceptional in low light, at least 12 stops DR. That’s a unique and very powerful video camera spec and ticks most of my boxes, like a supercharged, full frame, higher DR, dual capture hacked GH2. 1080-60P is the obvious stupid omission and hopefully the Nikon D4 announcement will spur canon into making the HDMI out clean. This beats the fs100 which is currently the only competition in this price range and it gives the best full frame digital image out there period. On paper Nikon’s is very similar, but doubt they’ve really caught up.

  • Nick

    Sorry Jared….. But you have it ALL wrong. First of all this is not a video camera! It’s a full frame stills camera that can shoot an amazing 14 frames per second and it can ALSO shoot amazing video. The video features have been specifically addressed by Canon with folmmakers in mind. Even the audio levels on the camera can now be controlled. Instead of shooting at the mouth Jared, get your hands on on and shoot some video you FUCKING FREAK!

  • Arbababakar

    my camera is conon D10000 but i did not find ang video?

  • coolness

    the Sony FS100 is not full frame.  It’s Super 35. 

  • Augustinethodupuzha

    best fullfraim dslr

  • Augustinethodupuzha

    Best full frame dslr .low-noise performance at high ISO

  • chuck

    thanks for the info. 

  • chuck

    I was going to invest in the Canon 60d eos with a Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS EF-S (USm)lens. Than someone told me to get a Canon 5d. Now I see the canon 1dx and feeling it. Like i said i don’t know anything about these bad boys. I make music using Propellerhead software. My goal is to get into Short films and take nice pictures and post them up on Youtube. I know i will start off with a Canon. Anyone could help me out would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Wissam1986

    Nick, sorry bro, but you’re acting like a nerdy ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan
    that can’t accept criticism of his all-time favorite troll… Calm down! While you were defending this idiotic camera, it was failing miserably in the video department (AND YES, IT WAS MARKETED AS A GREAT VIDEO SHOOTER BY CANON)… It falls short of what filmmakers need in every way (except audio)… that’s why the 1D-C is now developed… 60fps @ 1080p, clean uncompressed video out and a whopping 4K at 24p. As far as DSLR cinematographers are concerned, this is a 5D Mk2 with a firmware hack. The 5D Mk3 is better in every way.

    Have some class Nick, neither the professional photography scene, or the cinematography community are impressed with the second half of your post.

  • Yummybeach

    Everyone “gave up” on the 7D for feature film years ago…and yet movie LIKE CRAZY won sundance and sold for 4M to paramount.  Its all about the STORY. Ive seen so many SLR films that look great on big screen. After great story, SOUND, LENSES. i don’t care what camera you shoot a feature on. Its all about budet-story-sound and the expensive PL mount cine-GLASS. I’m sure this X cam model is SIIIICK for video. As in any SLR you need SUPPORT GEAR and knowledge of settings/lighting to boot!I would use this for feature. Why the eff not.

  • Tobyloc

     I didn’t say it was.

  • Archer1960

    Who cares about video in a top-of-the-line still camera???  Not me, that’s for sure…

  • http://twitter.com/BobbyWashTweet Bobby Washington

    Remember Video Are Simply Moving Pictures! That’s It Just Moving STILLS! So When People Say DSLR Camera’s Are Just Still Cameras That Happen To Do Video’s Don’t Make Since.